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Choose the Best for Your Little Ninja - Bruce McCorry’s Preschool Martial Arts

Choose the Best for Your Little Ninja - Bruce McCorry’s Preschool Martial Arts

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Center
220 Newbury St
Peabody MA 01960

(978) 535-7878


The idea of preschool martial arts is now increasingly acceptable and popular, with most parents realizing that the earlier you start with martial arts, the better for your kid. Not surprisingly, you will find more than one preschool martial art program in every town. However, the Little Ninja’s Program offered by Bruce McCorry’s Academy (Peabody, MA), a premier institution with a legacy of four decades, is an innovative program that rethinks what preschool martial arts could be, and offers your child the best that is available. It is useful to keep the highlights of the Little Ninjas Program in mind as a touchstone if you are trying to choose the best preschool martial art in your area.

Why Bruce McCorry’s Little Ninja’s Program: The Benefits
  • While it is always better to start martial arts at the young age of 3, this is also a highly fragile age for your kid. If he or she is not in the right hands that will pay attention to the personal needs, strengths and capabilities of your kid, martial art at the age of 3 can be burdensome. Little Ninja’s Program therefore do not impose a difficult martial art scheme on kids, but concerned instructors give customized attention to each child.
  • The structured syllabus followed by the Little Ninja’s Program is a blend of light martial arts, fun games, enjoyable activities and much more. Through these activities, Bruce McCorry’s aims not just at your kid’s martial art expertise, but overall personality development.
  • The keyword for the Little Ninja’s Program is intrinsic motivation. It is neither fun nor useful for the kid if you drag an unhappy three-year-old into a martial arts class. At Bruce McCorry’s, instructors take an effort to build an enjoyable space full of friendly people, fun activities and homely feel, to which kids will want to return on their own.
  • The eight key aspects of the Little Ninja’s Program ensures the holistic development of the child through eight key skills that must be developed at this age. These include the motor aspects of balance, coordination and fitness, mental aspects such as focus, memory and control, and the social skills of discipline and teamwork.
  • In addition, Little Ninja’s offers the conventional martial art benefits such as health, confidence, values and character building. While three to six years might sound too early for a character development program, science says this is wrong. Being one of the most formative and suggestible ages in your kid’s life, the right instructors can shape your kids into confident and resilient individuals through preschool martial art training.
  • Finally, the Little Ninja’s prepares your kid for the school life on one hand, and for a future martial art life in the academy. By making kids confident, smart and socially capable, Little Ninja’s will prepare your child for an easy school life in future. By igniting the love of martial arts in them, Little Ninja’s will also give them a passion for life—one that will be much beneficial and useful for them in every walk of life.

If your child’s success and happiness is the greatest aim in your life, give preschool martial arts a try. For experiencing the best of preschool martial arts, check out Bruce McCorry’s Academy.

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