Friday, February 1, 2013

Why try Cardio Kickboxing

Cardio Kickboxing is the combination of martial arts, boxing, and
aerobics. It is a popular fitness regimen that has been used by people who
want to get in shape and get healthy. The workouts done in Cardio
Kickboxing are inspired by martial arts, which made this fitness program
very popular. Its routines are characterized by high intensity intervals
with toning recovery periods, this lets you burn more calories and have
better muscle definition.

The Cardio Kickboxing fitness program is an intense full-body workout. It
improves ones strength, fitness, coordination, balance and flexibility. An
hour of Cardio kickboxing lets you burn about 600 to 800 calories. People
who grow bored with jogging on a treadmill will find Cardio kickboxing as
an amazing alternative. Above all others, Cardio kickboxing is fun,
coupled by upbeat music, and an enthusiastic and energetic instructor that
challenges you mentally and physically. Not only is it a great way to stay
in shape and get healthy, it is also a great stress reliever.

Cardio kickboxing has a lot of benefits:

1. It helps you lose the excess weight.
- Cardio kickboxing is an aerobic workout, the workout increases your rate
which in turn helps to burn the excess fat.

2. It improves your coordination.
- The basic movements and combinations of kicks and punches help improve
your balance. Your reflexes are also sharpened because of the workouts.

3. It improves and strengthens your cardiovascular system.
- Because of the constant movement, jumps, weaves, punches, and kicks,
your heart rate and blood circulation are sped up, strengthening your
cardiovascular system.

4. It saves time.
- This is because every part of your body is worked out during the one
hour Cardio kickboxing session. Cardiovascular and respiratory fitness,
including flexibility, strength and endurance are all covered in one

5. It reduces stress.
- High intensity work outs, particularly Cardio kickboxing, replace
endorphins you lose when your body becomes stressed.

6. It builds your total body strength.
- Punches with power and precision help build upper and lower body
muscles. Your hamstrings also become stronger as you master the way of
kicking properly. Muscles on the abdomen are worked out while performing
most of the moves required in one kickboxing session. Core strength is
developed as you perform the routines.

7. It develops self-defense.
- Punching and kicking are self-defense skills that are developed when
performing in a Cardio kickboxing class. Practicing kickboxing moves and
combinations on a punching bag can help you learn about gauging the
distance of your movements. You also start to develop a sense of the
limitations and strengths that you may have.

An average person could easily perform Cardio kickboxing. It is not only a
great fitness program, but also very fun to do. The first lessons might be
a little uncoordinated and off, since some moves will be new to your body,
not just your brain. Routines are mostly comprised of basic combinations.
With practice, any person is able to understand the routine. Give Cardio
kickboxing at least 3 to 5 classes in order for you to grasp the basic
movements. Most of the routines only combine general moves in different

There are a lot of benefits in Cardio Kickboxing. It relieves stress and
improves both our mind and body. So why not give it try? Get it in shape,
get healthy, and work out your body. Try out Cardio Kickboxing now at
Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy located at Peabody, Massachusetts.

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy accepts students of all ages that are
interested in trying out Cardio Kickboxing to help them get in shape. They
have students over the age of 50. Cardio Kickboxing, in Bruce McCorry's
Martial Arts Academy, has also helped several of their students that are
diagnosed with Arthritis. Cardio Kickboxing has helped them get through
the years with living with the disease. So go out and get in shape at Bruce
McCorry's Martial Arts Academy.

They can be reached by phone at 978-535-7878 or email:  or online at

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