Friday, May 17, 2013

Being healthy and being safe: the benefits of learning martial arts
written by: Bruce McCorry 

Many people hesitate to learn martial arts since most view it as a trivial hobby of punching others just for fun. However, the point to note is that the martial arts provide double benefit to your body and mind: it keeps you healthy and also reduces your stress levels. The influence of martial arts on your body is akin to that of Yoga, a way of meditation that makes you both flexible and calm.

Benefits of martial arts over regular exercise

Let us come to the point. Both martial arts and exercise have improving effects on your body and mind. Then what distinguishes one from another? The answer is easy: the martial arts have multiple applications in life. Its teaching is not confined to how to defend yourself in a dangerous circumstance; it also teaches how to use your logic and reasoning skills to react quickly. One thing that every Karate or Taekwondo academy teaches is that you can't waste even one second in a fight; that each movement counts. Hence, the scope of martial arts is much more than doing your push ups or jogging at 5 o'clock in the morning.

Martial arts are much more than measuring your strength and speed; it tells you how to make the most of your position even if you are at a position of weakness. Exercise may help in improving your mind and body, but it does not tell you how to use them effectively in an emergency.

Internalizing teaching is another great advantage of martial arts over regular exercise. In fact, martial arts are a way of shaping your mind by helping it to overcome emotions and sharpening its reasoning ability.

Think better, live better

To understand the point better, take the example of your body as a sword. What regular exercise does is to polish and sharpen this sword. But the martial arts teach you how to use it as a weapon to defend yourself. For example, a breathing exercise may increase the capacity of your lungs and make you more efficient. But a person who practices Brazilian Jujitsu may know how to use such physical advantages as effective techniques against the opponent.

If we examine the martial art of Wushu, we will make the point clearer. You might have passed by a number of Wushu schools while travelling, and might have seen the pupils practicing impressive acrobatic movements that remind you of Kung Fu. But the success of a Wushu practitioner lies in the fact that he can think as fast as he moves. As a learner of Wushu, your teacher will teach you to think fast and move accordingly, in an impulse. This martial art thus refines your body flexibility, body strength and the efficiency of your heart.

The Fun Factor

You may not have thought this before, but martial arts are actually fun to learn. You will make many friends who share same fields of interest. Healthy competition will help you to perfect your abilities and skills further. You will enjoy it as if you are having a fun game with your friends. You will impatiently for each day's practice session!

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