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Bruce McCorry's Academy of Martial Arts: Three Decades of Success

About Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts
 Martial arts include different physical art forms like karate, judo, taekwondo and wushu that help you to improve both the health of your body and the sharpness of your mind. Learning martial arts is the best thing you can do for your health and your safety. They teach you how to mold 
your body in a healthy way and how to use it effectively as a weapon in a dangerous circumstance. They instruct your mind to think fast and act accordingly. In short, martial arts facilitate the inclusive improvement of both your body and mind.
Bruce McCorry's Academy of Martial Arts: Three Decades of Success

 If you intend to learn martial arts, the best choice you can make is the Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts, an academy solely dedicated to the purpose of shaping a generation who can use martial arts effectively. Situated at Newbury St in Peabody MA, the academy is the best martial arts institution in USA. Established in 1978, the Bruce McCorry's academy has been reaping laurels in the field of martial arts for the past 35 years. Their experience,however, dates back to a 45 year long tradition.

 Vision and Mission of Bruce McCorry's Academy

The purpose of the academy is to equip the American society with the effective use of different martial arts. Their goal is the holistic development of a child including the efflorescence of his or her physical health and mental ability. Through martial arts, they try to boost the self-confidence, attitude, posture, reflecting ability, reasoning capacity and discipline of the pupils. Thus the academy cherishes the noble vision of creating a society that knows the benefits and uses of martial arts.

Programs and Courses

 The academy conducts coaching classes in a wide range of martial arts that are beneficial to the students. Among the greatest attractions of the courses offered, we have the Korean martial art form Taekwondo, the popular Chinese sport Kung Fu, the renowned Indian meditation technique Yoga, Tai Chi and more. Another attraction is Cardio Kickboxing, a unique blend of cardio workout and kickboxing. For kids of 3 years and above, the academy runs a unique program called Little Ninjas. For those who can't attend the regular classes, the academy runs special programs such as the Summer Program and the After School Program. The Academy also offers two courses which blend the elements of different martial arts: Xtreme and Mixed Martial Arts, mainly intended for adults. It also has programs designed for differently abled people. For each of the courses, the academy has adept masters who are veterans in multiple art forms.

 Adult-oriented Programs

 One great merit of the Bruce McCorry's academy is that they conduct many special programs for adults as well. Unlike the other martial art academies you come to contact with, Bruce McCorry's is not confined to the training of children. Irrespective of your age, you are welcome to Bruce McCorry's. Some programs like the Xtreme course in Martial Arts (XMA) are mainly conceived with adults in mind, though children are allowed to participate in them. Courses like cardio kickboxing can be highly effective for adults who are in need of workout. Many adults have considered their study time in the academy as a turning point in their lives.


 In Peabody alone, there are thousands of students, both adults and children, who have been the former pupils of the academy. Each student who joins the academy has spoken of a positive transformation in his/her personality and attitude after he/she has completed the course. This
transformation is the result of the intensive training that they receive as the part of their course.

 Each year, hundreds of new students join this big family to change their lives forever. The results are families who are happier and lead better lives, because they came to Bruce McCorry's. The story of the achievements of the academy thus continues.  We encourage you to join the Bruce McCorry family. 

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