Tuesday, July 30, 2013

After-school Martial Arts Program

Why After School Programs are Beneficial for Kids
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy Peabody, MA
Are you a parent who always keeps an eye on what your child is up to? Or are you the kind of parent who wonders where your child went after school, till the time he or she reaches home late for supper? In both cases, it is important that your child should have a safe place to go to in the after-school hours. A shocking study reveals that around fourteen million students cannot afford safe and reliable after-school programs in the US. They spend their after-school hours without having a specific place to go to. According to a survey named America after 3 PM, 15.3 million students expressed their wish to participate in an after-school program, had it been available in their localities. The fact remains that good after school programs are either not available in the locality, or the available ones are too costly.
Dangers Lurking in After-school Hours When your child hasn't got a trustworthy after-school program, you have to think for a moment that what he or she might be doing in the vulnerable hours between 3 to 6 pm. The time after 3 pm is the most notorious for teen crimes and anti-social behavior. According to an alarming survey conducted by NYVPRC, drug intake is forty-nine percent more in children who don't participate in an after-school course. Children who don't attend an after-school program are thirty-seven percent more likely to end up in unhealthy relationships. The time between 2 to 6 PM reports the most incidents of violence against children. From drugs and alcohol to sex rackets, all kinds of evils await children who are forced to spend their after-school hours wandering.
Benefits of After-school Programs All these happen due to the lack of a proper after-school program. Two aspects define an after-school course: firstly, these programs are a safe shelter for children till their parents can come and collect them. Secondly, they provide the child with the opportunity to learn something useful. The main reasons why parents consider after-school programs beneficial over traditional options are these:
  • After-school programs are cost-effective compared to traditional option
  • After-school programs are more convenient
  • As the child gets something new to learn, they enjoy after-school programs over other options.
Apart from these general benefits, there are some more, worth mentioning.
On one hand, after-school courses acts as a supplement to the academic
progress of the kid. On the other hand, they improve the social skills of
the child and make he or she socially active. Some programs like martial
arts can even improve the physical health and well being of the child.

Bruce McCorry's After-school Martial Arts Program 
Bruce McCorry's Academy of martial arts is the haven of all martial arts
programs. Apart form professional courses in martial arts; the academy also
offers a secure and affordable martial art program for after-school hours
at Peabody, Massachusetts. The course follows AMP, an inclusive beginner's
syllabus in martial arts, designed especially for kids. The program is
inexpensive, and it offers safe transportation from your kid's school to
the academy for a small fee. After a few weeks of training, you get to see
a transformed child as he or she becomes more confident, healthy and
satisfied. Ensure a safe childhood for your kid by choosing Bruce
For more information, please visit www.brucemccorrys.com

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