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After-School Martial Arts Program

After-School Martial Arts Programs to Counter Bullying
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Does your child always come back from school with a sullen face? Does he
or she try to miss school as much as possible, often making lame excuses?
Beware. The reason can be bullying. According to Dan Olweus, the famous
Norwegian educationist, bullying occurs when a person causes "injury or
discomfort" to another one by physical contact or by words. Bullying is one
of the hazardous menaces that corrupt our classrooms today.

Bullying: Realizing Facts and Spotting the Damage

If you think that your child cannot be a victim of bullying, think again.
Many surveys show that kids who behave in a dominant and assertive way in
their homes are actually timid, introvert and vulnerable in their
classrooms. Take a look at these facts:

-It is estimated that out of every four child, at least one is a victim of
-ChildLine received 31,599 calls during the last year from children
seeking help over bullying, according to a survey conducted by NSPCC
-Tellus4 National Report showed that 18% of the bullied children either
did not dare to talk about it to their parents or didn't want the parents
to know about it 

If you suspect that your child is bullied, here are some easy ways to spot

-Does your child come home with bruises, damaged clothes and lost items?
-Does s/he try to miss school if possible, often complaining of illness?
-Does s/he choose a different route to reach home?
-Do your kid's grades spot a sudden decline?
-Do you think your child is suffering from depression and nightmares?
If the answer to these questions is yes, then it is time for you to confront your child and help him/her out of the situation.
Bullying and Martial Arts: Preventing Bullying through Martial Arts The best thing you can do is to find a solid solution which your child can depend on. Martial art is one such solution. The incredible ways in which martial arts empower kids has been scientifically studied and advised. Martial arts make children more self confident and develop their self-worth. If they are bullied, they realize that something unfair is going on, and they do not hesitate to resist it. They share it with teachers or parents. Martial arts make children less timid and less introvert. They happily start taking part in activities and do not remain an odd-man-out any more. Martial arts make kids physically strong. Other kids start respecting them and they cease to be the target of a bully. Instructing your kid in any martial art can be a suitable way out of the bullying issues that he or she faces.
Fight against Bullying through Bruce McCorry's After-School Martial Arts
The name Bruce McCorry's stands apart when it comes to martial arts teaching. Located at Peabody, MA, Bruce McCorry's is a martial arts organization with international standards. The academy has an experience of over four decades. It is run by world renowned martial arts gurus like Master Bruce McCorry and Master Sandra LaRosa as well as some other extraordinary instructors. The academy offers an inclusive after-school martial arts program which follows a nationwide course named AMP. The academy also offers safe transport from your kid's school to the Bruce McCorry's Academy. Parents who enroll their kids in Bruce McCorry's AMP begin to perceive a notable change in the attitude and the behavior of their kids soon after a few classes. Kids begin to take life seriously. They develop a set goal and aim. They effortlessly learn to counter schoolyard menaces like bullying and peer-pressure. 

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