Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Preschoolers Martial Arts

Preschoolers Martial Arts - Bruce McCorry's Little Ninja's Program
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy Peabody, MA

Your little preschooler often dreams of being a superman or a wonder woman
or ninja turtle or power ranger. In many ways, isn't it your dream as well? Who wouldn't
wish their kid to be healthy and intelligent, excelling in sports, arts and studies alike?
There is a way you can realize your dream with martial arts.

The Karate Kids: Why Should Preschoolers Learn Martial Arts?

In one of their reports, Sporting Goods Manufacture Association points out
that there are around three million martial arts learners in the age group
between six and seventeen. What about children up to the age of six? The
tragic truth is that studies and surveys haven't yet properly recognized
the vast potential of training preschoolers in martial arts.

The age group from three years to six years is considered to be formative
in many ways. During this age, the kids start learning the basics of the

-Fundamental motor skills, molding of character communicative skills, most
importantly listening and speaking social skills such as interacting and
mingling with others and working together and developing friendships

-Learning the basics of martial arts at this tender age can do a lot of
good to your kid. Martial arts help him/her to be physically coordinated.
This will benefit them later in sports and physical education. Through
martial arts, the preschoolers learn the first lessons of being
self-confident. Their interactions with others make them both socially
active and expressive.

Little Ninjas Program at Bruce McCorry's

While choosing a martial art program for your preschooler, you should
choose the best course that equips them, at the same time doesn't
overburden them. That is exactly why you should opt for the Little Ninjas
Program at Bruce McCorry's Academy, Peabody, MA.

The Little Ninjas Course stands apart when it comes to preschooler martial
arts. Bruce McCorry's Academy follows an inclusive syllabus devised
specially for preschoolers, taking special care to avoid anything that
might burden them. The syllabus focuses on the multifaceted progress of the
kid. It emphasizes eight crucial aspects of his/her development: physical
fitness, balance, discipline, mental coordination, concentration, memory
power, control and teamwork.

Safety is another major plus point of Little Ninjas program. Here, the
practice sessions take place under the supervision of many experienced
trainers and veteran masters. The safety of the kids is always given
priority. The kids are discouraged from anything that might be physically
harmful to them.

At Bruce McCorry's, your kids get exposed to a martial arts world and
interact with kids of their own age as well as with respectable figures
like their teachers and seniors. At the academy, they learn how to
cooperate and how to develop bonds with others. Under the multitalented
teachers, they learn to obey instructions and work with discipline.
Further, the Little Ninjas program acts as a gateway to the Children's
Martial Arts courses at the academy. Thus, a whole new vista of opportunity
in martial arts opens up for your child.

With forty years of experience, Bruce McCorry's is a leading name in
martial arts in the US. Choose Little Ninjas for your child and be the
proud parent of a champion!



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