Wednesday, July 10, 2013

After School Programs Peabody MA

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts After School Programs
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy 
Have you ever wondered about the precious time that your child wastes away, doing non-productive activities like watching television and playing computer games? Your children need to take a break after their monotonous school hours, but spending a lot of time before a television and computer causes more harm to your child than good. What your kid needs is some physical activity; something that boosts their physique and invigorates their minds. Why not think of an innovative way to spend their free time? Why not let them learn something new, something that is both refreshing and beneficial? The miracle of martial art comes in here.
After-School Martial Arts Program (AMP) The time after school is considered to be the best for practicing martial arts. After a tiring mental struggle with studies in the school, your child needs a physical stimulant, something that recharges their exhausted energy. Recognizing this potential, the martial arts veterans from all over USA have developed a special module named AMP (After-School Martial Arts Program) for kids. The course, which is widely recognized in the country, is an amalgam of martial arts instruction, kids' activities, personality training and behavior exercises. It is a pleasant alternative to the uncreative hours your kid spends in a day-care. On one hand it is a good way to engage your child till your working hours draw to an end; on the other hand, it spares your child from the bad manners he or she may pick up from a day-care.
Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy: The Elysium of After-School Martial Arts Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy (Peabody, MA), the Elysium of martial arts, was the first academy to offer AMP instruction in Massachusetts. Today, it offers supreme AMP courses to the children of Massachusetts. The academy's AMP instruction is based on a solid and sound syllabus specially designed for active young kids. The AMP at Bruce McCorry's opens a window of opportunities to your child - it helps them to achieve a coveted black belt in any martial art. Apart from this, Bruce McCorry's AMP can also have a definite influence on the personality of your child. It refocuses the entire course of their lives and changes it for better. Your children learn the basics of defending themselves. They realize that there is a leader and an achiever hidden within them. They step into the vast corridors of their own potential. They develop self-confidence, discipline, respect and cooperation.
In Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy, your child gets to meet many great personalities in whom they can find a role model. He or She gets to mingle with successful seniors and adept teachers. At the academy, every child is encouraged to break his/her own record and also to outshine others. They learn to compete with others in a healthy manner. They create warm bonds of friendship which lasts a lifetime. At the academy, they receive world class education under world-renowned teachers like Master McCorry, Master LaRosa and many more. The academy offers safe transport from your kids' school to the Academy. The child will spend quality time in the academy, and you can collect him/her once your work day is over.
All these services are provided at a fee which is as low as your daily day-care expense. The care and attention your children receive at Bruce McCorry's outrun any day-care center that you can possibly think of. Why wait? Enroll your kid for the new AMP classes that start at Bruce McCorry's from this September onward.  
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