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MMA Peabody Ma - Mixed Martial Arts Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts,

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Training at Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts
written by:  Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts, Peabody, MA

Mixed Martial Arts: A History

Mixed Martial Arts, popularly known as MMA, is a renowned full contact
martial art form that combines a number of fighting techniques from
different art forms. The tradition of mixing various fighting sports can be
seen from the early Athenian Olympics itself. In the early 20th century,
this blending trend reemerged, especially in Japan, Pacific areas and the
continent of Europe. This manifested in a new martial art form called Vale
Tudo that materialized in Brazil for the first time. From Brazil, the art
form reached USA toward the end of twentieth century. It took the form of
MMA, and went on to be popular all over the world. 
1993 was a crucial year in the history of MMA. The Ultimate Fighting
Championship (UFC) was established in this very year, with the aim of
promoting MMA. It became the largest and the best MMA institution in both
United States and the world. The UFC framed and enforced the Unified Rules
and judging principles that have to be kept while conducting MMA combats.
Rick Blume, the chief of Battlecade invented the name Mixed Martial Art in
1995. At present, MMA is a well-enjoyed popular sport all over the world,
thanks to a number of dedicated organizations such as the UFC, the World
Extreme Cagefighting, Bellator Fighting Champaionships,  PrideFC, and the Strikeforce to name a few.

Styles and Techniques in MMA

The three variants of MMA include Stand Up style, Clinch style and Ground
fighting style. Stand Up style combines art forms like Karate, Muay Thai
and different boxing and kickboxing systems. Clinch focuses on wrestling.
Freestyle Wrestling and Greco-Roman variant are combined with other art
forms like Judo in this. The ground moves mainly consist of the moves
adopted from Jiu-Jitsu of Brazil (which was the fundamental form of MMA)
along with Judo and Sambo. Competitions in MMA are mainly cage fighting and
ring fighting, involving various kicks, punches, holding techniques and a
variety of moves.

MMA instruction and Bruce McCorry's Academy

Traditionally, MMA training was confined to those who aspired to become
professional competitors. Nowadays, with the discovery of both physical and
mental benefits of MMA, this has developed to a mainstream genre to which
students flock enthusiastically. Nowadays MMA is taught to everyone right
from children to adults, in varying degrees of intensities. It has gained
popularity as a well-organized martial art, a beneficial health boosting
mechanism and a handy defense technique.

Bruce McCorry's Martial Art Center (Peabody, Massachusetts) carries an
excellent MMA program, for both children and adults alike. Since the
prospect of cage fighting involves danger, especially in the case of
children, Bruce McCorry's follows a special program that avoids all type of
cage fighting and ring fighting. The academy focuses on the aspect of
improving the physical and mental skills of its students and making them
adept in the art, rather than encouraging them for open combats. Especially
in the case of children, the academy takes special safety measures in order
to avoid risk.

The institution has an impeccable MMA syllabus, pertaining to all the
rules of the art form. Committed staff, healthy atmosphere and customized
training make Bruce McCorry's academy a sanctuary of Mixed Martial Arts.

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