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Cardio Kickboxing Peabody Ma

Cardio Kickboxing Peabody Ma
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy, Peabody, MA
If you are in search of an intense and beneficial workout methodology that
can tone your body and boost your health, then Cardio Kickboxing is
designed specially for you. Cardio kickboxing is a martial art  aerobic
exercise that can bring about a holistic transformation in your body and
Cardio Kickboxing and Its Benefits
Cardio Kickboxing is a useful amalgam of martial art technique aerobic
movements and boxing-like work out movements. Together, it transforms the entire pattern
and metabolism of your body. Basically, cardio kickboxing is intended to
revitalize your coronary health and induce proper blood circulation. The
kicks and knee punches help in shedding fat from your leg muscles and help
in making them fit. Cross strikes and twisting body movements help in
toning abdomen muscles and back muscles alike. A sixty minute cardio
kickboxing workout burns around 1100 calories easily, without making you
feel much tired. The kickboxing is also a perfect tension reliever and a
useful defense art form.

Cardio Kickboxing Coaching at Bruce McCorry's
Bruce McCorry's Academy has been creating history in martial art teaching
for nearly forty years. The academy is known for passing the golden
benefits of martial arts training to thousands of aspirers in Peabody,
Massachusetts and surrounding towns. The institution offers classes in
around ten martial arts programs. The academy's Cardio Kickboxing classes
are recognized to be of international excellence.

The Cardio Kickboxing classes at Bruce McCorry's were started as early as
1996. The academy has seventeen years of experience in teaching the art
form. Over these seventeen years, the academy has developed a sound
syllabus for kickboxing, refining it again and again, adding new aspects
and perfecting the art form. Thus, the instruction in Cardio Kickboxing
matches those of universal standards. The academy also has a pleasant
atmosphere, favorable for learning martial arts
In Bruce McCorry's martial Arts Academy, there are many experienced and
skilled instructors who have made martial art the very purpose of their
life. The senior teacher in Cardio Kickboxing is Madam Sandra, who
has been the chief of the Cardio Kickboxing program for the past seventeen
years. All these years of experience have made her an unparalleled master
in the art of kickboxing, a true expert. The other veteran kickboxing
master is Madam Christine, who has been practicing and teaching
the art since 1998. She too is known for her unique instruction techniques.These teachers as well as expert teachers Madam Amanda and Madam Lisa give systematized and organized instruction at Bruce McCorry's. They also maintain a friendly rapport with the students and all have martial art backgrounds.

Cardio Kickboxing at Bruce McCorry's is a forceful and nourishing
The academy follows a special kickboxing curriculum that aims
at a dynamic change in your way of living. It is designed for anybody who
simply wants to be at peace with their body and mind. After taking the
Cardio Kickboxing classes at Bruce McCorry's, you will feel for the first
time that workouts can be fun; that you can actually feel good after a
workout. You will feel that within you, there is a power that will conquer
the steps of success, if set free. Whatever is your fitness and lifestyle
aim, the Cardio Kickboxing classes at Bruce McCorry's are the pathway to
the goal.

Come join them and the rest of the team. Visit www.brucemccorrys.com or
call today at (978) 535-7878

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