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Martial Arts for Adults

Martial Arts for Adults
Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy

It is a general notion that physically oriented activities like Karate and
Judo are intended for children. Many tend to believe that martial arts are
a big no-no for grown-ups. This is nothing but a wrong notion. Martial
arts are as much beneficial to adults as to children. In fact, adults are more
in need of a relaxing tool, both physically and mentally, compared to
Bruce McCorrys: The Four-Decade Long Devotion to Martial Arts Bruce McCorry's Academy has been igniting the divine light of martial arts all over Peabody, and the entire North Shore of Massachusetts for the past 35 years. While other martial arts academies focus mainly on children and children-oriented art forms, Bruce McCorry's specializes in martial arts for both children and adults. The academy has around ten different courses,most of which are open to kids and grown-ups alike. While the academy runs some special programs such as AMP and summer program for kids, it also runs courses which are intended mainly for grown-ups such as MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), Cardio-Kickboxing and more.
A video from one of our Cardio Kickboxing Classes
Why Should You Check Out Martial Arts for Adults at Bruce McCorry's?

Martial art at Bruce McCorry's is not a mere learning program; it is a
rich experience in itself. The program has innumerable physical and mental
benefits for adults. The martial arts courses also help you to become
socially active and more satisfied in your relationships.

We live in an age of junk food and unhealthy living. Our way of living has
given rise to many obstacles which were practically unheard of, just
twenty years before. Cardiac diseases, lifestyle diseases, obesity and fragile
resistance power are among the forefront of these threats that target
adults. Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts is something that can bring about a
change. The courses offered here have all the benefits of a healthy
workout. It means you have fewer chances of developing lifestyle diseases.
You become the satisfied possessor of a toned physique, and your
resistance power increases.
Here's a video from one of our classes.. a Kung Fu Dive Bomb
Another way the lifestyle affects adults is by making them mentally weakened. Studies show that work stress leads to a number of problems such as anxiety, paranoia, depression, lack of self-esteem and a fear of being imperfect, or being unable to meet the expectations. Martial arts at Bruce McCorry's have the gentle effect of a meditation session. It teaches you many priceless values such as self confidence, patience, satisfaction and perfection. Adult-Oriented Martial Art Programs at Bruce McCorry's Though most of the courses offered are for both children and adults, some courses here are specially conceived with adults in mind. One among them is cardio kickboxing. It combines the graceful moves of an aerobic dancer and the power of martial art and boxing techniques, acting as a perfect workout solution. It is intense, but the intensity varies depending upon the capability and experience level of the student. Another adult-oriented martial art is the MMA program (Mixed Martial Arts). MMA is a contact sport that is nationally recognized. Many choose to study MMA as it is a popular and widespread combat sport. Kung Fu and Taekwondo are the most popular adult-oriented martial arts. Kung Fu and Taekwondo courses are offered to both beginners and the experienced in varying degrees. Apart from these, general courses such as Tai Chi and Karate are also available for adults.
Here's another video from one of our classes...a Kung Fu Back Bend
Bruce McCorry's martial art center is known for talented masters and the
high-quality courses offered. If you wish to manifest a change in the way you live, choose Bruce McCorry's.

For more information, visit www.brucemccorrys.com  or call today at (978) 535-7878

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