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Tai Chi Improves Life in Cancer Patients

Qi Gong (Tai Chi) to Improve the Quality of Life in Cancer Patients
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy, Peabody Massachusetts
Qi Gong or Chi Gung is an inclusive martial art cum art-of-living
practice. It comprises of breathing practices, body movements, workout,
therapeutic mechanisms, and meditation. Tai Chi is a variant of Qi Gong
that blends martial arts with art of living. The basic philosophy of Qi
Gong has its roots in ancient Chinese medicinal systems. The name Qi Gong
means "to create life power". As the name indicates, the primary aim of the
art is to arrive at an energetic balance (qi) and cultivate vitality in
life. Qi Gong comprises of meditative, static and dynamic training schemes,
both internal and external. From China, the art form spread throughout the
world. Nowadays its capability as an alternative medicinal practice is
getting acknowledged. 

Qi Gong: A Healing Mechanism for Cancer Patients

Healing powers of Qi Gong have been proven by scientific studies.
Recently, scientific researches have found a magic link between Qi Gong and
the treatment of Cancer. A combined research study conducted by Shanghai's
Fudan University and MD Anderson Center for Cancer Research proved to be a
landmark in the quest for a cure for cancer. The survey was conducted on
ninety six women who were battling with cancer, out of whom some were asked
to participate in a weekly Qi Gong session. All of the women were
undergoing five-weeks-long radiation treatment and surgery. The patients
were asked to record and rate various factors such as their tiredness
levels, ability to sleep and levels of depression before and after the
therapy. According to the result, the women who practiced Qi Gong reported
less stress, less fatigue and less depression compared to the women who
didn't try out the art form. 
The light meditative techniques in Qi Gong rejuvenate the energy levels and help to regain stability in life. This is effective for cancer patients, as Qi Gong empowers them to come back to the equilibrium of daily life. It heals the psychological impact of cancer treatment and enhances the mood of the patient. It helps the patient to cope up better with the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. It also assists to keep chronic pain at bay. Qi Gong is said to be the most effective healing practice for breast and lung cancer victims.

Other Health Benefits of Qi Gong
Qi Gong related studies have been conducted on many groups, and the
results were satisfactory. Elderly men and women who practice Qi Gong were
proved to have fewer chances of old-age prone accidents such as falling. Qi
Gong helps to maintain blood pressure level balanced. Soft physical
movements empower the mineral density of bones. This helps to avoid
diseases such as osteoporosis in women after menopause. 
Tai Chi (Qi Gong) at Bruce McCorry's 
Bruce McCorry's Academy is well known for their inclusive Tai Chi classes held in Peabody, Massachusetts. The classes follow a soothing meditative pattern and soft movements. Many patients have regained the rhythm of their lives after the therapeutic Tai Chi training at the academy. At the academy, the students get the golden opportunity to learn Tai Chi from one of the stalwarts of martial arts, Master McCorry himself. You can experience the curative magics of Qi Gong at Bruce McCorry's Academy.

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