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Teens Overcoming Peer Pressure through Martial Arts

Teens Overcoming Peer Pressure through Martial Arts
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy Peabody, Ma 

Being a teenager is not easy any more as it used to be. Studies have shown that today's teenagers have a difficult time coping with the challenges in their school lives. Peer pressure is among the forefront of villains. Today's teens are more conscious of what their friends think of them, and they are more eager to maintain a self image that does not make them stand out. Many children become willing to check out drugs, alcohol and smoking just to impress their friends. The following statistics may look alarming, but it is fact:

Real Beauty Campaign by Dove found out that 90% of the girls are dissatisfied about at least one aspect of their appearance and would love to change it. • According to American Lung Association, around 3900 teenagers are initiated to cigarette every single day in USA. • Though alcohol is prohibited among children below 21 years, 11% of the total alcohol consumption of US is by teens between 12-20 years. • One third of US teenagers have been offered drugs in their school at least once. • According to the National Household Survey on Drug Use and Health from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 74.3% of high school students have tried alcohol. • 3.1 million teenagers smoke, according to the American Lung Association. • The Kaiser Foundation reports that about 50% of teenagers feel pressured with regard to sex in relationship
Can martial arts be a savior when it comes to overcoming peer pressure? Will it help teens to resist bad habits induced by their friends? The answer is yes. Handling Peer-Pressure through Martial Arts Martial arts are often projected as an aid for handling peer pressure. This works in four ways. On one hand, martial arts help teenagers to be self-confident and sure of themselves. They don't feel the urge to jump in the bandwagon and ape whatever their friends do. Secondly, martial arts makes them physically fit and mentally satisfied so that they become contented about their own appearance and thoughts. This works against the 'urge to change' and helps teens to fit in more easily. Thirdly, martial arts help teenagers to recover from the habits they have picked up as a result of peer pressure. This includes alcohol, drugs, smoking, addiction to pornography, eating disorders and much more. Finally, martial arts can be used as a good self-defense option when you are physically forced to do something unpleasant. How Does Bruce McCorry's Help You to Overpower Peer Pressure? Over the past four decades, Bruce McCorry's Center has taught the lessons of martial arts to the children of Peabody, Massachusetts and the entire North Shore. The training at Bruce McCorry's has helped them to handle peer pressure and overcome various challenges that emerge in their adolescent years.
Tai Chi and Kung Fu at Bruce McCorry's helps you to keep a calm attitude toward life. After practicing, you stop worrying about unnecessary complexes such as being thin, impressing others, trying to fit in and so on. You learn to accept your individuality and live with it. Sports like Kickboxing and Taekwondo at Bruce McCorry's help you to defend yourself if anybody forces you to try out something through peer pressure. You become physically fit and start bothering less about the way you look. What others think of you becomes less important. Martial Arts help you to develop self esteem. You realize that you have an identity beyond what your friends think of you. You realize your own potential and start recognizing it. At Bruce McCorry's you study the philosophy underlying various martial arts. This helps you to develop a balanced view towards life as a whole. You become mature in your thoughts.
The goal of Bruce McCorry's Academy is to bring out the best in every student, and make them realize what is best in them. Choose Bruce McCorry's Academy for your children and make their lives meaningful.

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