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After School Programs Martial Arts North Shore Ma

The Importance of After School Programs 
written by: Master McCorry 

According to After School Alliance, a non-profit venture, in Massachusetts
alone, 3 children out of 10 spends his/her after school hours without
proper adult supervision. In a child’s day-to-day life, the time from 3 to
6 PM holds special importance. If used well, these hours have the potential
to be the most productive. At the same time, these hours also run the risk
of being dangerous if not used well. That is why most educationists, child
psychologists and social workers emphasis the need of an after school
program for every kid. There are many reasons why you should choose an
after school program for your kid.

Safety and After School Programs Safety of your child is an important reason why experts recommend after school programs. The instances of crimes in after school hours have increased as high as fifty per cent from past years, according to the data collected by Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
. This crime list is
topped by juvenile crimes and violence against children. The kids and teens
mostly involved in these – either as victims or as villains – are those
kids who don’t have a secure place to spend their after school hours. Think
for a moment: a trustworthy after school program can prevent your kid from
taking the wrong path.

After school Programs: Is it really worth it? Yes it is. The promises of after school programs being productive are not mere claims. If your kid is enrolled in a beneficial after school program, for example music, martial arts or painting, your kid gets an opportunity to learn something different apart from their boring school curriculum. By the time he/she reaches college, chances are that he/she would have become an expert in an extracurricular activity. On one hand, this can be a great relaxation technique; on the flip side, it can actually be an asset when they are seeking admission for higher education. Budget Cuts: Another Reason to Choose After School Courses

Worried about the costs? Here is a bit of good news. From 2009 onward, the
government is making an effort to bring after school programs to the home
budgets of common people. The Massachusetts legislature made a big step in
this regard by voting for a fifteen persent hike in Afterschool and
Out-of-School Time Grant. Another people-friendly decision by the
Massachusetts government was to invest three million in the Gateway Cities
After-school Academies. In 2013, people witnessed Governor’s STEM network
holding hands with the Massachusetts After-school Partnership. All these
schemes aim at transforming after school courses to an affordable reality
for Massachusetts families.

After school Programs in Martial Arts

If your child wants to learn something physically and mentally rewarding,
then martial arts is what he or she wants. Childhood is the perfect time to
start learning martial arts. It can make your kid strong, self-confident
and successful. Academies like Bruce McCorry’s in Peabody conduct after
school martial arts programs with international standards. Bruce McCorry’s
follows an easy-to-learn but effective curriculum under experienced
teachers. The academy also gives priority to the safety and comfort of the
kids and provides transportation.

It is School Time Again: Why Wait?
Another summer is about to say goodbye and now is the right time to take a
decision. Should your children waste another school year just like the last
one? Or should they start to make use of the precious after school hours?
The decision is yours to make: why hesitate?

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