Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cardio Kickboxing Classes North Shore Ma

Cardio Kickboxing at Bruce McCorrys and its Benefits 
written by: Master McCorry

A name that has started resonating recently in the fitness industry is Cardio Kickboxing. Cardio Kickboxing is a multidimensional martial art that blends together sleek aerobic movements with powerful boxing and martial arts techniques. The result is a useful combo of a perfect workout and a perfect stress buster that can improve the quality of your life vigorously. If you are tired of the dull regular workout pattern, if you are in search of something new and pleasurable, then Cardio Kickboxing is for you.
Why Try Cardio Kickboxing
According to American Council of Exercise, the recognized evaluating
agency of exercise methods and workout products, a single hour of
kickboxing workout can actually burn up to 500-800 calories. A few sessions
tone your muscles and make you healthier and fitter in a way you can never
imagine. You get this astonishing result without putting as much physical
effort as you put for the other typical exercise-based workouts.

Secondly, kickboxing is as pleasurable as it is effective. The music
filled atmosphere and the simplicity of the movements actually bring about
the feeling of an enjoyable dance class, not a workout session. You start
enjoying each session for the mere fun of it.

Cardio kickboxing is a great relaxation technique as well. The kickboxing
sessions wipe out your stress. In a few days you develop an optimistic
attitude toward life. Cardio Kickboxing is, in short, the gem among the
martial arts.

Kickboxing Your Way Through: The Pattern of the Class
A typical kickboxing session begins by the instructor familiarizing the
students with the different basic moves. This is done by beginning with
some relaxed movements. A warm up session of roughly five minutes follows,
in which the student tries out the newly learned moves. The next step is to
stretch the muscles. During this, equal focus is given to the important
muscle groups in your body.

Then, follows the proper kickboxing session, in which the learner tries
out zigzag strikes, knee punches, cross movements, shadow boxing, jabs and so on. This session follows a regular repetitive format; so that the pattern of the movements gradually gets imprinted in the learner’s mind, and he/she can relax without bothering to remember the moves. This crucial session is for about forty minutes.
The final session is the calming down session. Mild abdomen-toning exercises are practiced during this time. The learner waits for his/her pulse to slow down, and then repeats stretching exercises as a relaxant. The whole class takes as long as one and a half hours. Be a Kickboxing Champion at Bruce McCorry’s Academy
Can’t wait to check out the miracles of Cardio Kickboxing? Bruce McCorry’s
Academy of Martial Arts (Peabody, MA) is the right place.
The academy proudly owns the legacy of four decades in the field of
martial arts. The cardio kickboxing classes in the academy follow a
comprehensive study method. The classes are headed by Ms Sandra LaRosa,
(Miss Sandra) who has an experience of 22 years in martial arts. Miss
Sandra has headed the Kickboxing classes since its inception in 1996. Other
experienced teachers like Christine Arsenault are part of the Kickboxing
Program as well as some other extraordinary martial artists.

For those who wish to workout with a change, cardio kickboxing is the
ultimate answer. Achieve your fitness dream at Bruce McCorry’s!

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