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Karate Classes for Kids North Shore Ma

Karate Classes for Kids. The Decision is Yours
written by: Master McCorry

Karate: The King among the Martial Arts Karate is a contact-based martial art which hails from Ryukyu Island, Japan. Developed by the Ryukyu kings, Karate beautifully blends effective knee and elbow punches with palm-heel punches. The cultural transmissions between Ryukyu and the Japanese resulted in the spreading of this martial art to Japan. With Hollywood focusing on Karate during 1960s and 1970s, gradually it started getting worldwide recognition. Traditionally, Karate focuses on the dual aspects of attacking and defensing. As a result of the interlinking between psychology and martial arts, a third dimension of moral and mental benefit is being recognized now.
The Benefits of Karate for Kids Parents often misunderstand karate as a martial art too heavy for kids. But karate is not a burden for kids. On the contrary, it can actually benefit your kid in many ways. Child specialists, psychologists and martial arts experts have noted five benefits of karate for kids. 1. Health and Energy Karate can make your kid healthy and energetic. It effectively utilizes the time your kids waste away in front of the television and computer. As a result of karate lessons, kids become alert and active. Their body coordination improves; fitness and flexibility increase. 2. Self-worth and Confidence Karate has a profound effect in character formation. Karate makes your kid believe in himself/herself. They learn to value themselves. Their self confidence improves. They get the power to face the world. Karate makes them break out of inhibition and shyness. 3. Defense In many circumstances, kids may have to defend themselves, physically and mentally. These circumstances range from classroom bullying to violence against children. Karate helps your kids to remain always prepared and able to defend themselves. 4. Recognizing the Strange Children are usually prone to dangers. The main reason is that, in their naivete, they fail to recognize the strange and the weird things going on around them. Karate teaches a kid to distinguish between what is normal and what is not. If properly taught, the child can read signs of danger from the way somebody approaches, talks and behaves with them. 5. Mental Power An old Japanese maxim goes like this: “25% of Karate is in body, the rest 75% is in mind”. Karate improves memory, reasoning, thought-process and reaction abilities. It helps kids to cope better with stress. A Word for the Parents: The Decision is Yours In modern families, it is a recurring occurrence that kids take control of the situation and start imposing their decisions upon parents. Children lack experience, they often don’t have the ability to discriminate or foresee. They often don’t think of the 'other side', and mostly think from their own point of view. Parents know better because of their experience of knowing the ways of the world for so long. So, how favorable is this tendency of children taking decisions?

It is okay to consider and give enough space to the opinions and wishes of
the kids. It is also okay to let them take decisions in smaller matters,
which do not have a full-fledged impact on their (or your) lives. But in
the matters of importance, the decision should be yours.

Is it possible to convince children this? Will they realize that their
parents take decisions for their own good? Karate teaches them this as
well. Karate makes the children realize the fact that their parents, with
all their knowledge and experience, are probable to take better decisions
when it comes to matters of consequence.

Bruce McCorry’s: The Elysium of Karate Students
Thousands of aspiring Karate learners flock every year to the Bruce
McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy (West Peabody, Massachusetts). The academy
has a legacy of forty years in the arena of martial arts. Bruce McCorry’s
is specially known for their Karate lessons. The academy follows a
structured syllabus in Karate that begins from the basics. The masters at
Bruce McCorry’s are world-renowned veterans in their respective martial
arts. Enroll you kid at Bruce McCorry’s for the ultimate karate learning
experience. The Decision is Yours.

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