Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Stop Bullying with Martial Arts North Shore Ma

Helping Children Handle Bullying with Martial Arts 
written by: Master McCorry

It’s time for children to go back to school with new backpacks and smiling
faces. But do their smiles stay long on their faces? Bullying is one of the
much feared classroom threats that wipe the smile off your child’s face.
Defining Bullying The federal government has come up with a broad definition for bullying. Bullying includes physical abuse, verbal abuse, isolating and ostracizing the victim from a group, taunting the victim, spreading gossip about the victim, harassing the victim via internet through the means of messages, pictures, posts and so on (cyber bullying). A shocking survey by Dr. Thomas Harish and Dr. Lynne Huffman reveals that 60% of 175 students confessed being part of a bullying activity. In 90% of the cases, the surveyed student was a victim. Most victims were timid, friendless and passive kids who found it difficult to voice their own opinion, or lacked the daring to resist the bully. Often, the younger and the physically weaker kids become an easy target.
Bullying: The Darker Side Negative consequences of bullying haunt the victims and the bullies alike, throughout their lives. In the victims, the emotional development suffers a setback. Losing self-esteem is a common negative consequence of bullying. Intense mental conflict and fear of further abuse may force the victims to rely on escapist mechanisms such as missing school, feigning illness and so on. Many victims fall to depression and some even start contemplating suicide as an escape.

Psychologically, bullies are usually those children who had to face some
or other kind of trauma in their personal life. For them, bullying is just
another way of channeling their anger, depression and hatred. On the
facade, it may look as if a victim suffers more consequences than the
bully. But psychologically, this is not so. The tragedy of the victim is
something temporary, of which they can hope a recovery. But being a bully
means more deeply entrenched damages. Bullies most likely grow up to be
drug addicts and sociopaths.

Resisting Bullying
Resisting bullying is quite difficult, as many victim kids choose to
remain silent than face the wrath of the bullies back at school. The first
step in resisting bullying is identifying the role of your kid in bullying.
Once you are confirmed of the fact that your kid is either getting bullied
or is being a bully, it is time to act.
If your child is a bully, then he/she may need the help of a pediatrician or a child psychiatrist. External intervention can be a great help in identifying the root cause behind the dominating behavior and correcting it. If your child is a victim, the first step is to empower the kid. Advise him/her to be assertive and defensive. One good method to instill self-esteem and assertiveness in kids is by enrolling them for character-building courses such as martial arts. If personal efforts do not get results, then you may seek the help of a professional.

Eliminating bullying is not a goal that can be realized through individual effort alone. It takes the effort of a community to wipe out this peril. Students, senior students, teachers, school supervisors and parents should be a part of this collective effort to get rid of bullying.
Stop Bullying through Learning Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry’s Academy One of the main aims of Bruce McCorry’s academy of Martial Arts (Peabody, MA) is to instill the values of courage, self esteem, boldness and self-worth in the minds of the students. The martial arts classes for kids at Bruce McCorry’s aim at making the student a self-realized personality – they realize their own power and learn how to use it effectively. Martial arts classes at Bruce McCorry’s have empowered thousands of children to stand up against school-life hazards including bullying. A few months of training at Bruce McCorry’s ensure that your kid never falls prey to the damaging aspects of school life such as bullying. 

Choose Bruce McCorry’s for your kid and make sure that he/she always smiles.

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