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After School Programs North Shore Ma

Bruce McCorry's After School Program 
written by: Master McCorry

Labor Day is nearly here and the summer is coming to an end, and it is again time for kids to start a new school year. It is also the time when parents start hunting for the best education available. You might have made many plans on how and where should your kid spend his/her valuable school hours. But have you thought of what s/he should do in the after-school hours? A survey by After school Alliance points out that 30% of the Massachusetts kids get no proper adult supervision during the after school hours. Should your kid face the same difficulty? That is where the importance of an after school program comes in.

After School Programs: The Big Why
Why should your child be sent to an after school program? Many reasons are
· Safety is a big reason why your child should spend his/her after school
hours in an after school program. Massachusetts Bay Transportation
Authority has registered a 50% increase in the number of juvenile/teen
crimes within just one year (2000-01). NYVPRC states that drug usage is 49%
more among children who are not part of an after school program.
· After school programs are much cheaper compared to alternate options
like daycare. Many budget cuts by the Massachusetts government since 2009
have made the after school programs much cost effective.
· Unlike the traditional alternatives, after school programs provide the
kids with the opportunity to learn a useful extracurricular activity. These
programs actually help the kids to use the after school hours productively.
The kids enjoy such programs more than their dull daycare.

All these show the importance of enrolling your kid in an after school

After School Martial Arts Program (AMP) 
When you choose an after school course for your kid, you should choose
something that would be both enjoyable and useful to the kid. Martial arts
is such a course – a magic activity that can rejuvenate your kid after a
strenuous day at school. This amazing potential has led martial arts
experts to give birth to an innovative program called After School Martial
Arts Program (AMP) for children, with nation-wide recognition, we were the
first to bring the program to the Northeast. It blends together martial
arts with children’s activities, personality development courses and
behavior shaping activities. Apart from making your kid strong and sharp,
AMP helps your kid to defend himself/herself. AMP can be a useful escape
from various childhood perils such as bullying, peer-pressure, assault
attempts and so on. Further, martial arts help to mold the values of
leadership quality, cooperation, respect, self-worth, confidence and
discipline in the kids.

AMP at Bruce McCorry’s Academy of Martial Arts
AMP is gaining a new recognition in Peabody, Massachusetts through the
selfless service by Bruce McCorry’s Academy of Martial Arts. AMP at Bruce
McCorry’s is a martial arts course with international standard, the best of
its kind available in the US. The syllabus is a well-structured module
envisaged by great visionaries of martial arts. The AMP at Bruce McCorry’s
is a precious opportunity for your kid to achieve the glory of a martial
art black belt in his/her life. Safety and security of the students are
always the primary concern at Bruce McCorry’s. At Bruce McCorry’s, your kid
gets the chance to meet and develop bonds with many respected martial arts
professionals. At a small fee, you can also get safe transport from your
kid’s day school to the Bruce McCorry’s campus.

Give a new dimension to the lives of your kids by enrolling them at Bruce
McCorry’s After School Program which begins this September!

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