Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Kickboxing Peabody MA

Kickboxing - A Magic Remedy that Sculpts Muscles and Blasts Fat 
written by: Master McCorry

Which martial art is the best alternative for a workout? This is a frequently asked question – a question dear to all those who want to shift from the heavy burden of a workout to something easier, lighter and effective. Recently, this question has a new answer – Kickboxing. When the American Council of Exercise came up with the finding that a single hour of kickboxing can burn up to 800 calories, it came as a happy surprise to many workout-haters. Kickboxing is an effective and powerful martial art that has all the features of a good workout.

Kickboxing: How the Plan Works Out!
A look at the various kickboxing moves that aid to sculpt your muscles and
shed the extra fat will give you an idea of the incredible power of this
martial art:

1. Jab: A quick lightning punch with both your foot and the respective arm
moving forward is called a jab. These quick punches serve to strengthen the
arm muscles.

2. Cross punch: A cross punch is the reverse of a jab. In a cross punch,
if you are extending your right arm forward, you will be extending your
right foot backward. Cross punch has the same effect on your body as that
of a jab.

3. Hook: A hook is a rotational punch, aimed at the cheek of the opponent.
Hook punches invigorate your shoulder muscles.

4. Uppercut: An uppercut is a type of punch in which both your fists will
be pointing upwards. An uppercut does not go beyond the level of your nose.
Uppercut punches make use of both your hands and hips.

5. Front Kick: A direct kick with your heels is called a front kick. Front
kick is an effective movement by which both your thigh muscles and your hip
get toned.

6. Roundhouse Kick: As the name indicates, in a roundhouse kick, you make
a rotational kick with one leg while using the other like a pivot. This
move is the best for toning abdomen.

7. Side Kick: One of the most powerful movements in kickboxing is the
sidekick. In this, you balance your weight shortly on one leg and then kick
sideways with the other one. The entire force needed for this move is
driven from the glute muscles.

A combo of these seven different movements in an ordered routine can make
you burn calories and shed fat in the shortest time possible.
Kick Your Way Through: Kickboxing Classes at Bruce McCorry’s One of the best available kickboxing coaching in the US is provided at the Bruce McCorry’s Academy for Martial Arts, situated int Peabody Massachusetts and attracts fitness enthusiasts from all over the North Shore.
Bruce McCorry’s has a 17-year-old tradition of teaching kickboxing. This
is an astounding feat if we take into consideration the fact that the trend
of kickboxing is quite a recent phenomenon. The kickboxing division at
Bruce McCorry’s is headed by Master LaRosa, a visionary martial arts
teacher with an experience of twenty-two years in the art form. Other
teachers in the department are also experienced. Bruce McCorry’s Kickboxing
classes operate with a refined syllabus, perfected over years. The academy
provides a beautiful and favorable atmosphere to learn martial arts.

If working out is your aim, then kickboxing is your path. Join Bruce McCorry’s at the earliest and become a kickboxing champion!

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