Friday, September 6, 2013

Kung Fu Lessons

Master McCorry's performance at the Shaolin Temple

Kung Fu Lessons by Bruce McCorrys Martial Arts Academy 
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy
Defining Kung Fu Kung Fu is a popular martial art with its roots in China. It is also known as Gong Fu or Wushu. Kung Fu demands an approach that focuses intensely on the duality of mind and body. It aims at molding the inborn abilities in order to equip a person to face the hurdles in life. It is an art that glorifies the belief that dedicated work is always rewarded. This concept is evident from the very term Gong Fu, the Chinese equivalent of Kung Fu. Gong means to work, and Fu means to be rewarded. Traditionally, Kung Fu had a generalized meaning – it referred to the training of a person, not necessarily in martial arts. Over the time, the term achieved a specialized meaning, i.e., 'training in a martial art’. Kung Fu – A Brief History Legends place the origin of Kung Fu at somewhat 4000 years ago. The origin of Kung Fu is associated with Huang Di, an emperor of the quasi-mythical Xia Dynasty who introduced this new martial art to China. Reference to this martial art can be seen in a number of literary and historical works by various dynasties that ruled China from time to time. Some important references are to be found in works like the Annals of Spring and Autumn, The Classic of Rites and The Han History records.

Most of these early references depict Kung Fu as a mere fighting system
with emphasize on the physical aspects. Over the years, it began developing
a philosophical foundation of its own, thereby becoming a proper martial
art. The contributions of Daoist practitioners and Chinese philosophers
were fundamental in the development of this philosophical outlook.

Kung Fu got proper recognition with the evolution of the Shaolin Style
around 720 CE. The Shaolin Temple is a popular Buddhist monastery in China,
where monks used to practice Chinese martial arts from 16th century onward.
Bodhidharma, a South Indian Buddhist monk is said to have a major role in
giving shape to the Shaolin Kung Fu. Once established in China, Kung Fu
started getting noticed by foreigners, especially by those who traveled
frequently to Shaolin. These inspired travelers learned Kung Fu and started
propagating it in their respective homes. Gradually, it gained importance
as an efficient martial art form.

Nowadays, Kung Fu has achieved a universal dimension as it is taught in
countries all over the world. Even today, the Shaolin Monastery has an aura
of a sacrosanct learning place when it comes to learning Kung Fu. Thousands
of interested travelers and tourists visit the place every year. Modern
studies hail Kung Fu as an efficient stress buster and a remedy for health

Kung Fu at Bruce McCorry’s Academy
When it comes to Kung Fu training in the US, Bruce McCorry’s is a
frequently chosen option. Bruce McCorry’s Center of Martial Arts (Peabody,
MA) provides Kung Fu classes with international standard. Kung Fu at Bruce
McCorry’s focuses on teaching the two dimensions – the practical and the
philosophical aspects – together. Master Bruce McCorry, the founder of the
academy, is a Kung Fu veteran with his specialization in Northern Praying
Mantis tradition. He was also one among the lucky few who ever got an
opportunity to showcase their Kung Fu talents at Shaolin Temple, the shrine
of Kung Fu.

Master McCorry's performance at the Shaolin Temple
Learning Kung Fu at the academy is not a mere opportunity, it is the experience of a lifetime. Rediscover the real you through learning Kung Fu at Bruce McCorry’s.

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