Friday, September 20, 2013

Martial Arts to Prevent Obesity and Diabetes in Kids

Combating Childhood Obesity and Diabetes through Martial Arts 
written by: Master McCorry

Obesity and Consequences A study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that 18% of the American children in 6-11 age group were obese. The modern lifestyle with its fast-food culture and absence of physical activities has made obesity a common word. Almost 70% of the obese kids have at least one risk factor that leads to heart diseases. They develop pre-diabetes, a condition that indicates the possibility of diabetes in future. Joint pain and apnea follow. Psychological effects like poor self-worth and inferiority complex also accompany obesity.

Type-2 Diabetes: The Villainous Friend of Obesity Obesity is referred to as the hallmark of the more dreaded Type-2 diabetes. Type-2 diabetes is a complex disease because it is insulin-resistant. Traditionally, the genetic background was considered as the cause for this disease. Recent increase in the number of affected children indicates that lifestyle has an equally important role. Type-2 diabetes may lead to later complications such as kidney problems, increased blood pressure, cholesterol, acanthosis nigricans and Poly-cystic Ovary Disease. Battling Obesity and Diabetes Prevention of obesity focuses on two aspects: diet and physical activities. The diet should include healthy food such as vegetables, fruits and oatmeal. Fatty and rich diet shall be avoided. Sugary and sweet food is a big no-no, especially the artificial ones like soft drinks. Physical activities such as working out on a daily basis and participating in outdoor activities like sports and games should be encouraged.

Insulin resistance makes Type-2 diabetes a hard nut to crack. Still, the blood sugar level can be kept normal through proper meal planning and exercise. An effective meal plan devised by a dietitian can work wonders with this disease. The key to prevention lies in total abstention from sugar consumption and in a nutrient-rich diet. Outdoor activities and physical exercises add to these. Martial Arts to Prevent Obesity and Diabetes Martial arts combine the advantages of meditation with that of workout. The physical moves in martial arts tone the body by burning excess calories. It helps your kid to remain fit. Body flexibility, lung capacity and stamina increase. Fat gets distributed in the body equally. Obese kids experience considerable weight loss within a few weeks of martial arts.

It is scientifically proven that martial arts like Tai Chi and Taekwondo
can counter Type-2 diabetes. The active working of T-helper cells has a
crucial role in controlling the disease. A study by Taiwanese researchers
for the British Journal of Sports Medicine proved that a 3-month program in
martial arts considerably boosted T-helper cell activity in sixty diabetic
patients. Mixed Martial Arts are also helpful in combating Type-2 diabetes.

Fight Obesity and Diabetes with Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts
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healthier lifestyle by conquering obesity and Type-2 diabetes. Begin a new
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