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Preventing Bullying and Cyber-Bullying with After-School Programs

Preventing Bullying and Cyber-Bullying with After-School Programs 
written by: Master McCorry

The kids are back to school with hopes of a new beginning. However, the reality of school life is somewhat different nowadays. Perils like bullying and cyber-bullying give sleepless nights to many children and snatch away a happy school life from them. Defining Bullying and Cyber-Bullying According to Massachusetts laws, any repeated expression that causes physical/emotional harm to the victim or creates an unfriendly atmosphere for the victim at school can be termed bullying. Further, the definition states that bullying encroaches on a victim’s rights as a student and hampers his/her educational process. If these attempts take place via an electronic medium, it may be termed cyber-bullying. Assuming victim’s cyber identity, impersonation, spreading rumors and harmful messages - all fall under cyber-bullying.

The After-effects of Bullying Bullying and Cyber-Bullying are damaging to both the bully and the victim. The victim suffers short-term consequences such as losing self-confidence, inhibition, poor performance at school and lack of enthusiasm. In complicated cases, victims develop long-term consequences such as depression and mental disorders. Bullies too face long-term consequences. In later life, they turn to anti-social deeds and usually end up being deviant and isolated from the society.
Preventing Cyber-Bullying and Bullying The Massachusetts government aims at preventing bullying at both school grounds and school-related localities as well as at other places that are not related to school. Measures are to be taken against cyber-bullying as well. Kids shall be provided with age-appropriate awareness on preventing bullying. A plan for preventing bullying should be created in consultation with the school authorities, the local administrators, parents and students. The plan shall include procedures for reporting bullying, procedures through which action shall be taken against bullying, the different disciplinary actions, procedures for protecting victims, and recovery measures like counseling. Parents should be informed of the instances of bullying, and staffs should be empowered to counter bullying.

Can After-School Programs Prevent Bullying? Surveys point out that juvenile crimes mostly occur between 3 to 6 PM. This is also the time during which most instances of bullying are reported. Children who do not have a particular place to go during the after-school hours usually spend this time simply walking through the streets, or in school grounds like the playground, library or gym. Naturally, this increases the chances of bullying.

 The benefits of after-school programs are two: on one hand, after-school
courses offer a safe abode for the kids during these dangerous hours. On the other hand, kids get the opportunity to use these hours creatively, by learning a new extracurricular activity. Recent budget cuts have made after-school classes an affordable choice. In short, after-school courses are a better option compared to traditional daycare.
Bruce McCorry’s After-School Martial Art Program Bruce McCorry’s Center for Martial Arts (Peabody, Massachusetts) is renowned for their forty-year-long service to the area of martial arts. After-school Martial Art Program (AMP) is an expedient after-school course offered by the academy, with nationwide recognition. AMP follows an exceptional curriculum developed by professionals. Through AMP, your child gets a great opportunity to train himself/herself to a black belt. Bruce McCorry’s offers transport from children’s day school to the AMP center for a small fee. 

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