Friday, October 18, 2013

Peabody Karate classes for kids

Bruce McCorry's Little Ninja's Program - The Path to Success 
written by: Master McCorry
Every parent has his/her own share of dreams and hopes about kids, right
from the moment they are born. We all dream about our kids turning out to
be successful, healthy, brilliant and happy in their lives. The molding of
a successful personality starts right from the childhood. In many ways, the
preschool age [3-6 years] is one of the most formative phases of your kid’s
life. You might be asking this question now: what can I do for my
preschooler to ensure his/her success in life? Martial art is the solution.

The Little Ninjas: Learning Martial Arts at Preschool Age
In the age group from 6 to 17 years alone, there are around three million
learners of martial arts, according to the Sports Goods Manufacture
Association. We will not get such an astounding number if we survey the
number of preschoolers who learn martial arts. The major reason behind this
is the unfortunate fact that the prospective of preschool martial arts is
still not properly recognized.

The age from three to five is one of the most decisive phases in your
kid’s life. This is the time when s/he acquires basic coordination and
motor skills and communicative abilities. This is when s/he learns to
mingle with the society and make friends. This is the seminal phase in
which the basics of values and virtues are fostered in his/her mind. There
is much scope for martial arts learning in this preschooler age. 

Martial arts at this age have the following effects on your kid:

· It enhances the basic motor skills of your kid

· It results in the quick development of hand-eye coordination

· Your kid becomes physically strong, healthy and immune to most diseases

· Martial arts help to develop better communication and social skills

· Positive character formation is encouraged by martial arts

Learning Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry’s
How exactly does a preschooler martial arts program works wonders? The
Little Ninja's Program offered by Bruce McCorry’s Academy [Peabody, MA] is
the proof that a well-structured preschooler martial arts program can
transform your kid into a super kid.

The greatest advantage of the Little Ninja's Program is the specially designed syllabus. The curriculum aims at molding the body and mind of the child in a positive manner. This is done mostly through enjoyable fun activities and simplified practice. Through this novel approach, Bruce McCorry’s aims at developing the eight cardinal skills that are pivotal to your kid’s holistic development: the improvement of focus, working as a team, health, disciplined behavior, memory power, balance, hand-eye coordination and control. The friendly attitude from the teachers and staff motivates the kids. The program ensures the kids' safety in every way and takes special care to avoid anything that might be a burden to them at the tender age.

At Bruce McCorry’s your child gets the occasion to interact with the real world and develop his/her attitudes in a positive way. This is a great advantage to them, especially because they are supposed to start at school within 2-3 years. The experience at Bruce McCorry’s will be a much useful preparation for their school life. It will assist them both in studies and in extracurricular activities. The mastery of a martial art becomes a lifelong asset for them and prepares them for further martial arts programs in the academy.

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