Friday, October 25, 2013

Mixed Martial Arts Peabody MA

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) at Bruce McCorry's Academy 
written by: Master McCorry

Mixed Martial Arts: The Legacy
Fondly called MMA, the Mixed Martial Arts is a popular adventure martial
art, which draws and synthesizes elements from various other martial arts.
The legacy of blending various art forms can be traced right back to the
time of ancient Athens Olympics. This mixing frenzy reemerged in pre-war
Japan, Pacific and Europe. This synthesizing trend resulted in the
formation of a new martial art, Vale Tudo, which took birth in Brazil.
Towards the late 90s, Vale Tudo spread from Brazil to different parts of
the world, including the US. This developed further to give birth to the
concept called Mixed Martial Arts.
The landmark year in the history of MMA was 1993 – the year in which the Ultimate Fighting Championship [UFC] was constituted with the goal of promoting Mixed Martial Arts. In 1995, the art form was christened with the name Mixed Martial Arts by Rick Blume, the head of Battlecade. Within a few years, the UFC grew into one of the most prominent martial art institutions in the world itself. The Unified Rules and the norms for judging an MMA combat were devised by UFC. Thanks to the great efforts of UFC, MMA is one of the most popular and preferred martial art forms nowadays. Other institutions like PrideFC, World Extreme Cagefighting and Strikeforce are following the path of UFC.
The Variants of Mixed Martial Arts MMA has three styles. The first one, the Stand Up Variant, draws its inspiration from Muay Thai, kickboxing and Karate. The second style is the Clinch Variant, which has its roots in both freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling. Elements of Judo can also be seen in the Clinch Variety. The third variety of MMA is the Ground Fighting Method, which is made up of moves and techniques drawn from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Sambo and Judo. MMA combats are usually conducted either as cage fighting or as ring fighting. All the three styles have one common factor: they are all a synthesis of elements drawn from different traditions. They also combine the philosophies underlying various martial art streams. Learning MMA at Bruce McCorry’s Academy To those who want to make martial arts a profession or a serious hobby, Mixed Martial Arts is always an alluring option. The physical and mental advantages of learning MMA are on one side; on the other hand, there is the great scope of achieving fame and wealth through making MMA a profession. Nowadays, MMA is adapted in various degrees, suitable to everyone from kids to seniors. The wide-ranging advantages of learning MMA have made it the favorite choice of martial arts aspirants.
One of the best MMA programs in the North Shore is conducted by the Bruce McCorry’s Academy of Martial Arts, Peabody, Massachusetts. The MMA coaching at Bruce McCorry’s is customized to suit different age groups. Taking into concern the safety of kids, all kinds of dangerous aspects such as cage and ring fighting are deliberately excluded from the Children’s MMA syllabus. At Bruce McCorry’s, adults too can practice MMA through safe and beneficial methods. The MMA coaching at Bruce McCorry’s aims at the holistic development of the learner, with special emphasis on his/her body and mind. If you aspire to study Mixed Martial Arts, then Bruce McCorry’s is the best option you can choose.

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