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Facts on Bullying. How Martial Arts Can Help

Facts on Bullying. How Martial Arts Can Help Prevent Bullying 
Written by: Master McCorry

How Martial Arts Can Help Prevent Bullying
Bullying can be defined as a repeated act that can cause physical or
emotional pain to the person and create an unwelcoming atmosphere around
the victim in school or elsewhere. Bullying also trespasses the student’s
rights and can lead to hamper their educational process. There is also
another form of bullying called Cyber Bullying most of us have heard of
today; it is done through an electronic medium. Spreading harmful messages
by emails, texts,  posts or impersonating the victim’s identity on social
media such as Facebook is considered Cyber Bullying.

Effects of Bullying

Bullying can have diverse effects both on the bully and the victim. A
bully may turn to bad deeds when they grow up and become isolated from
society. A victim of bullying may suffer from anxiety, or being out casted
in the school’s society. A 2013 study showed the following as effects of

• Fear of attending school.

• Fear of using bathrooms.

• Kids don’t want riding the bus to and from school.

• Illness

• A decreased ability to learn.

Some other facts on Bullying: • Victims of bullying each year number over 3.2 million • 2 out of 10 teachers do not see anything wrong with bullying, and will only intervene 3% of the time. • Over 160,000 teens skip school every day to avoid bullying. • 1 in 7 students are either a victim of bullying or the actual bully themselves. • 58% of students admit to having personally witnessed some type of bullying either at school or social networks. • 2/3 of students regard that schools react poorly to bullying dilemmas, with a high percentage of students believe that adult intervention is either infrequent or totally ineffective. • The rate of physical bullying increases during elementary school, at its highest during middle school, and decreases during high school. Verbal abuse though remains constant all throughout the three.
Solutions to Bullying Many laws and programs have showed effort on finding a solution to bullying. Age-appropriate awareness campaigns on prevention of bullying are given to kids. Procedures of reporting bullying and what actions to take against it should also are consulted among the school, parents, and local government. One solution is after school activities, one of these recommended activities is Martial Arts. 

How Can Martial Arts Help? Martial arts give children empowerment, and self esteem to themselves. It teaches them how to react and assert themselves in bullying situations. Studying martial arts can also help kids be more active, making them less vulnerable to bullying as martial art helps them to keep fit thus, they are
more engaging in sports and other school activities.Martial arts can make
kids more cool and collective. Presented a situation of bullying, it also
teaches them a sense of self-worth and helps them determine the factors of
which the bullies have provoking them. Martial arts can make kids
physically strong, leading other children to highly respect them and avoid
them as targets, as a victim for bullies. Any form of Martial Arts makes
kids realize their true potential, and they can have a long term positive
effect on their lives and others that surround them. 

As the wise men say "prevention is better then cure" Martial Arts helps prevent bullying and protects kids.

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