Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Martial Arts After School Program is Best

Why a Martial Arts After School Program is Best For Your Kids 
Written by: Master McCorry

If you have no idea what to do with your young one after they finish school and it seems impossible to make them tired or get them to exercise, send them to after school programs. Martial Arts is often overlooked as an after school program, but it has many benefits, which include; building discipline, creating focus and helping kids achieve their fitness goals. We’ll examine some of the key benefits to a martial arts after school program. Hyperactivity Many kids these days suffer from some form of hyperactivity, whether it is ADHD or ADD. Physical exercise has been proven to be an effective treatment for hyperactivity and is something kids should do to complement their medicine. Exercise, especially martial arts, helps build discipline and creates a focused mind. A martial arts program gives them an outlet for their energy and at the same time teaches them the principles behind this ancient art form, discipline and focus.

Fat Loss Obesity is an epidemic. It’s time to get your kids off the couch, away from video games and into the dojo. One of the greatest benefits of martial arts after school programs is the amount of exercise kids get. It’s one of the best ways to build self-confidence in a young person. Once they are stronger, weigh less and achieve the goals they set: their confidence levels will grow and it will positively affect other aspects of their lives. They will become more sociable and do better at school.
Keeping them out of trouble Society is becoming a dangerous place and we know that if kids become bored after school (with nothing to do) they will start engaging in risk taking behaviors. Some of them may be criminal. If you send them to an after school program, like martial arts, they will have something constructive to do in the afternoon. Not only will this prevent risk taking behavior, but they will also be taught how to defend themselves (from criminals).

Setting goals and building teamwork skills Martial arts has a progression system that resembles a ladder. The kids immediately understand this and set personal goals to step onto the next rung of the ladder, achieve the next belt. This teaches them the importance of setting realistic goals, breaking down large goals into smaller ones and the satisfaction of achieving those goals. To reach the goals they set, they will have to work with other kids in the class, which builds teamwork, in order to train more effectively and pass the grading test. This sounds very demanding, but it is a fun process.
Best of all, its fun

We’ve examined some of the serious benefits of martial arts after school
programs, but we have overlooked the most important aspect – its fun! The
kids will be able to hang out with their peers after school, all while
learning a skill. They’ll develop their social skills and learn how to be
safe in a physical contact environment. Having fun is the ultimate goal,
martial arts is fun, and it will keep them coming back every day.
Sign up today for our Martial Arts After School Program and help your kids
build discipline, create focus, get fit, keep them out of trouble and best of all have fun!

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