Thursday, November 14, 2013

Martial Arts Superior to Team Sports

Why Martial Arts Training is Superior to Team Sports 
Written by: Master McCorry

Martial Arts and team sports are some of the activities pursued by
children at a young age. Team Sports are more popular because it has
achieved considerable fame because of the mass media. Moreover, numerous
sports players have become celebrities because modern sports have become
highly commercialized. Many parents will opt for team sports as a means of
developing specific skills for children while they ignore the benefits of
Martial Arts. Martial Arts helps to teach self-defense to children which
means that they learn techniques to defend themselves from a number of
threats. This does not mean that Martial Arts makes children aggressive but
instead transforms their way of thinking because they will use the skills
in proportionate force as well as in justifiable circumstances.
More importantly, Martial Arts helps boost the self-confidence of children. This is probably the single most important "thing" for kids and it's one of the few sports where both boys and girls can play together. Self Confidence helps children take on difficult tasks without reserve. They will not hesitate in performing challenging tasks because of their self-assurance and confidence. Martial Arts are better than team sports because it has a system of belts and rankings. This system creates an inner drive to succeed which is a very important life learning skill. Children are able to slowly increase their knowledge and skill levels. It helps to create an inner drive to progress and motivates children to strive for higher levels. Team Sports lacks in teaching discipline to children the way Martial Arts does. This is because of the fact that Martial Arts involves repeated practices and drills with considerable attention towards detail. Martial artists have to practice and fight within a set of rules and protocols. This helps to develop a sense of respect among children as well as for their opponents and colleagues. It helps instill the principles of using "fair and square" means to finishing the game. 

Martial Arts and Team Sports are physical activities that help promote fitness and strength among children. But, it is Martial Arts that helps promote individual achievement among children. For example, basketball is a sport in which there are different positions for each player. This can encourage teamwork and sportsmanship but fails to improve the individual performance of children. Hence in Martial Arts, it is individual merits that help determine a win or loss in a Martial Arts contest. Children will not feel feelings of despair when the team loses a match such as team sports. Additionally, children will not develop a hatred for Martial Arts which occurs in most team sports from the anxiety of not being good enough, fitting in, the A player and having to sit on the benches during games. Parents should make a quick decision in the debate about Martial Arts and Team Sports. Bruce McCorry’s Academy of Martial Arts is the ultimate abode for teaching Martial Arts to children in an efficient manner. This has been possible because of its forty year expertise as a Martial Arts Academy based in Peabody, MA. It has a team of internationally acclaimed martial art teachers who teach a specially designed syllabus that is specialized for children.

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