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Martial Arts for the Disabled, Muscle Disabilities and Disease

Martial Arts for the Disabled, Muscle Disabilities and Disease. 
written by: Master McCorry

Martial Arts aside from providing defense against attacks of intruders has so many other advantages an individual can benefit from. In the past,
Martial Arts does not usually connect with people with disabilities. Most
people with disabilities are sometimes discouraged to take part in it
and some are even encouraged by their over-protective loved ones to just
slack off and accept the fact they have limited abilities. 

Martial Arts is more than just a physical discipline, it's also a mental
discipline that is guaranteed to help a disabled individual improve their
life physically as well as mentally. 

In today's society, people with disabilities are at a much higher risk
against crimes like robbery, rape and assault and being disabled should
not be used as a reason not to learn how to fight back. 

Martial Arts for the Disabled, Muscle Disabilities and Disease and Bruce
McCorry's Martial Arts Academy understand this principle and offer
substantial training and lessons to help disabled people get a head start
on security and physical fitness. 

What are the most common challenges faced before starting the training? 

Fear and worry - Most disabled individuals are interested in learning
martial arts however, there are some who want to avoid the responsibility
and just hide in their disability excuse. This is largely due to fear or
worry that they won't be able to meet their goals, fit in, or worry what
other's will think of them. Some will voice they have an injury or ailment
that flares up each time they train.
Fear and constant worrying are only some of the issues Martial Arts can
eliminate. If people with a disability give them a chance they can learn
something valuable and they can escape from a lifelong helplessness.  

How to adapt to the Martial Arts training: 

There are steps and preparations that are made in order to make sure the
participant will be able to achieve their goals. An adaptation process is
done in order to make sure the student with the disability will be able to
cope with the challenges he or she is faced with. The goal of the
adaptation process is to accommodate the needs of the person trying to
learn and to help them avoid fear so they can manage the tasks in a
simple, yet creative manner. 

Adaptation is the key to any individual who is willing to learn and
improve. It gives them a fighting chance to be able to do so if given the
right mindset and circumstances. 

The expectation about the level of learning the student will achieve must
be fully understood and completely clear. They have to understand what is
being asked of them and they need to learn how to desire this goal for

Benefits of Martial Arts Training: 

- Martial Arts aside from improving the defense ability of a person can
also introduce discipline and structure 

- Martial Arts improves the focus of the students and inspires good habits
in them. 

- Martial Arts helps build leadership skills and it can also increase
self-esteem (critical for all of those that are disabled and have muscle
disabilities) and positive decision making 

- Martial Arts helps those that are disabled live a happier and healthier

Lives of people who have changed because of Martial Arts: 

Some of the best instructors of Martial Arts for the disabled or disease are the ones that have undergone the same adaptive training.

Sheila Radziewicz and Master Sandra LaRosa are some of the best martial art teachers and believers of this particular art.

Sheila Radziewicz is one good example of how an impossible can become possible.Sheila is suffering from a rare congenital disorder called Thrombocytopenia absent radius (TAR).

She is a positive thinker and believes in accomplishing anything she
believes to be achievable. Sheila trained and achieved her black belt in
Tae Kwon Do and after that started volunteering as a motivational speaker
for the disabled.

Her main goal is to let other people know that there is life beyond the
disability, she advocates for self-reliance and  is one of the best
examples of why disabled people have to take up martial arts.

Read more about Sheila. - Click Here -

Master Sandra LaRosa is also an amazing symbol of strength for her
students. After taking up martial arts she has continuously improved and
became a master martial art practitioner and body builder.

At the age of 42 she decided she no longer wanted to feel defeated by
her age, after knowing that she has a serious muscle disease called
Polymyositis, she decided to make big changes in her life. This reason is
what continues to inspire her to teach martial arts to others.
Read more about Sandra's story. - Click Here -
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