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Martial Arts for Special Needs North Shore Ma

Martial Arts for Special Needs at Bruce McCorry's
written by: Master McCorry

When it comes to improving the lives of kids with special needs, often, we
do not think beyond what is usually done by everyone. Many special needs
institutions limit their working to counseling, therapies and learning
aids. However, the research in the area of special needs has acquired new
and powerful dimensions. Many unique and effective methods for improving
the lives of specially-abled children are being discovered. Among them, the
one with the greatest potential is martial arts.

Martial Arts for Differently-Abled Children – Advantages
Martial arts can effectively help differently-abled children. Kids who are
physically or mentally challenged have found success in their lives through
martial arts.

 Following are some of the ways in which martial arts can come
to the aid of specially-abled children:

1) Building Self-Confidence: Practicing martial arts can instill
self-confidence in specially-abled children, as self-confidence is a
quality that many kids in the spectrum lack. Kids in the autism spectrum,
for example, find it difficult to face someone, make eye-contact or speak
without hesitation. Martial arts can give them the exposure that they need,
and effectively bring them out of their inhibitions.

2) Encouraging Social-interaction: The one area in which specially-abled
children always fall behind is social interaction. They find it difficult to mingle with others, make friends and interact freely with them. In one of their 2010 research studies, the students at University of Wisconsin stressed the point that through martial arts, specially-abled kids can become socially assertive.
3) Cooperation and Teamwork: Through martial arts, differently-abled kids
can be taught the basics of working as a team and cooperating with others.
Alison Hendrie, in one of her write-ups in the Parenting Magazine,
emphasizes the extent to which martial arts can effectively develop
cooperative skills in a child in the hyperactivity spectrum.
4) Physical health: Physically challenged kids can also be helped through martial arts. Physically challenged kids are instructed through simpler and task-oriented martial art methods. If scientifically trained, martial arts can improve the physical strength of such kids and reduce the severity of their condition.
Martial Arts for Special Needs at Bruce McCorry’s Academy Through martial arts, a specially-abled kid’s progress can be guaranteed to a certain extent. However, this works only if the martial art training that you choose for him/her is scientific and effective. It is always necessary to find a martial art coaching that is becoming to your kid: a place where your kid won’t feel left out, a place where he/she can make the best out of his/her life.

That, exactly, is the specialty of the program offered by Bruce McCorry’s Academy of Martial Arts. Located in Peabody, Massachusetts, the special needs program by the academy is a scientifically-conceived therapeutic martial arts program. It aims at the holistic development of a specially-abled child. The classes are conducted under the supervision of instructors who are specialized in martial arts for differently-abled children. The classes are a melange of martial arts training activities, 
ice-breaking sessions, learning aids and so on. The coaching at Bruce McCorry’s can effectively bring your child out of his/her confined world. It will equip them to take on the wider world with courage and self-confidence.

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