Thursday, December 19, 2013

Martial Arts North Shore MA

Martial Arts – The Perfect Way to KICK off the New Year 
written by: Master McCorry

Another New Year has arrived, and it is once more time to make a New Year
resolution. The commonest New Year resolution that we make would be to
remain fit and exercise regularly. It is one of the most difficult-to-keep
resolutions as well, as those who have tried it might know. Staying fit is
the most cherished but unattainable dream for many. This New Year, why not
try to realize this dream?

Staying Fit – The Ultimate Dream
Psychologists call our desire to remain fit thin-at-all-costs psychology.
National Eating Disorders Association states that around eighty-one out of
every hundred 10-year-olds are afraid of increasing body weight. A study
conducted by Teen Magazine shows that 35 out of every 100 girls before the
age of 12 have gone on a diet at least once in their life. A shocking
seventy-percent of girls who weigh normal think that they are overweight.
Our desire to remain fit and slim leads us to many unhealthy habits like
eating disorders, paranoia, depression, negative self-image, excessive
dieting and physical complications. It is always better to find out healthy
and scientific ways to reduce weight. Why not find out a unique and easier
way to make our dream come true?

Martial Arts – The Perfect Way to KICK-start the New Year
Nowadays, Martial Arts is practiced as the most effective and easiest way
to reduce weight and remain fit. The term martial art applies to a vast
number of Eastern and Western art forms that include both physical
movements as well as meditative techniques. The impact that martial arts
can have on our body and mind is immense. Physically, martial arts can help
us to reduce weight, to shed body fat, to curb lifestyle diseases and to
remain healthy and strong. Martial Arts can also soothe our mind. It can be
a good stress-buster, and a perfect relaxation mechanism. According to a
study conducted among middle-aged people by British Journal of Sports
Medicines, those who regularly practice martial arts showed an amazing
fitness level compared to those who did not. Martial arts practitioners
reported twelve-percent less body cholesterol. They could do twice number
of sit-ups compared to the others. Their balance system and immunity system
were better than that of others. All these statistics indicate the immense
impact that martial arts can have on you if you practice it in a regular
and scientific manner.

Bruce McCorry’s – The Perfect New Year Gift for Your Body
If you are a person who cares for your body and health, choosing a good
martial arts center is the perfect New Year gift that you can give to
yourselves. Situated in Peabody, MA, and servicing all towns around it,
Bruce McCorry’s Academy is one among those few martial arts institutions
that would provide you quality martial arts coaching in the art form of
your choice. Bruce McCorry’s conducts classes in Kickboxing, Taekwondo,
Kung Fu, Yoga and Tai Chi. There are also special schemes such as the very
popular After-School Program and Summer Program for kids and the XMA and
MMA for adults. With a legacy dating from 1978, Bruce McCorry’s is among
the top ranked martial arts centers in US. Lighten up this New Year and
take a long-living resolution to shed weight by getting yourself enrolled
in the academy!

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