Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Self-Defense Classes Peabody Ma

The Importance of Self-Defense in the Twenty-First Century
Written by: Master McCorry

Many have called the twenty-first century the Age of Evil. Every day we
see newspaper reports of violence – attacks, assaults, rape attempts,
robberies and even murders. In most of the cases, the victims are the
harmless people of our society – mostly women, children and senior
citizens. The National Violence against Women Survey [NVAWS] points out
that around 13.4% of adult American women have been the victims of forcible
rape at least once in their lives. Similar alarming rates accompany the
statistics of other crimes as well. Many of these crimes occur at desolated
areas where victims cannot get external help. This leads us to one great
question: how important it is for us to learn to defend ourselves in these
violent times?

Self-Defense – the Pros and Cons
There are two popular methods of self-defense. Either we defend ourselves
using our physical might, or we use some self-defense products like Pepper
Sprays, Stun Guns and other dangerous weapons such as Hand Guns or Tasers.
Self-defense has got both good and bad sides. Some of the advantages of
self-defense are the following:

-Protection: With any self-defense option available at hand, we can protect ourselves at a time of emergency even if external help is not available. -Self-Confidence: Naturally, when we are equipped with any self-defense option it increases our self-confidence. We can go through our daily life confidently and boldly without fearing external attacks. -Freedom: Once we equip ourselves with a self-defense option, the range of one’s freedom dramatically expands. We do not feel stressed even when we are staying out late, travelling through desolate streets, or carrying valuable things with us. However, self-defense has many negatives as well. -Legalities: Using self-defense mechanisms like Pepper Sprays, Hand Guns, or Tasers can sometimes seriously hurt the attacker and it may lead to legal difficulties. Especially when we are travelling to other countries, we have to be careful because products like Pepper Spray and Hand Guns are illegal in many countries or demand licensing and a certification course. -Chances of hurting ourselves: When we use a self-defense product, we may accidentally hurt ourselves. Sometimes, if the attacker is physically stronger than we are, he/she may seize the product and use it against us.
Martial Arts: Self-Defense without Disadvantages Martial Arts is a self-defense mechanism with minimum disadvantage. When we use martial arts as a defense option, it is very unlikely that we may wound the attacker mortally. Hence, legal difficulties will be fewer if we use martial arts as a self-defense. Even if we hurt the attacker, we can escape from legal difficulties easily as long as we do not use products like pepper sprays and tasers, which are illegal in some countries. A person who knows a martial art can easily defeat a person who does not know one, however stronger he/she may be. Thus, martial arts is one of the best risk-free self-defense options available.
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