Thursday, December 12, 2013

Choosing the Best After School Martial Art Program

The Best After School Martial Art Program in Massachusetts
written by: Michael Fulcher

The need for after school programs is being recognized more and more
nowadays. After school programs are often regarded as a productive way of
spending the precious after school hours. Enrolling your child in an
effective after school program ensures that he or she remains safe and out
of danger during these hours. Among the different after school programs,
the most lucrative option is martial arts. Martial Arts is what your child
needs to keep him/her healthy and refreshed after a tiring day of studies.
Choosing the Best After School Martial Art Program Many factors need to be taken into account before choosing an after school martial art program [AMP] for your child. You should check the following aspects of any offered program: - Is your kid learning martial art in a proper and scientific manner at the offered AMP? - Does the program have a properly designed syllabus? - Are the teachers qualified? - Does the school have a healthy and positive atmosphere and a good campus? - Is the offered program completely safe? Will it endanger or burden your kid? - Does the AMP provide a proper transport service from your kid’s school to the academy?
Bruce McCorry’s AMP – The Best Martial Art Coaching in Massachusetts When we take into account the above aspects, we can see that only a few martial arts schools pass the test. One program that scores full marks in each of these aspects is the Bruce McCorry’s AMP. The specialties of Bruce McCorry’s AMP are the following:
1. Scientific Methodology of Teaching Most martial arts schools consider smaller programs like AMP as mere subordinate programs. They never bother to teach proper martial arts at AMPs. However, Bruce McCorry’s is an institution that takes after school programs seriously. Therefore, they follow a proper scientific methodology in teaching martial arts. The classes aim at training the students to achieve a black belt in their respective fields. 2. Specially Crafted Curriculum Bruce McCorry’s AMP follows a nationally recognized curriculum. The simple syllabus makes it easy for any kid to follow it without effort. The syllabus proceeds in a methodized way covering all the fundamentals of martial arts. It also covers the basic philosophy underlying each art. 3. Faculty and Campus The academy is under the supervision of Master Bruce McCorry, a world-renowned figure in martial arts who has even performed in the Shaolin Temple. Each teacher in the academy is an adept in his/her field. The academy has a child friendly campus where your kid will learn the basics of social interaction and intermingling.

4. Safety
The AMP focuses on the safety of each kid. The syllabus is designed in
such a way that any methods and moves that are dangerous are deliberately
avoided. The aim of the academy is to boost a kid’s potential without
burdening him/her. The academy ensures the security of the kids by
providing transport from your kid’s school to the AMP campus.

Bruce McCorry’s Academy has grown into the most revered martial arts
institution in Massachusetts. Students flock to the academy each year to
experience the quality martial art coaching provided in the academy.
Located in Peabody, MA., the institution has molded generations of martial
arts learners for the past forty years. The after school program is a
course that testifies the glorious legacy of the academy. 
Ensure a brighter future for your children by enrolling at the Bruce McCorry's After School Martial Arts Course!

Give them a call today at 978-535-7878 or visit their website at and sign up for a free trial class.

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