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Preschool Martial Arts - Peabody MA

Little Ninjas Martial Arts Program from Bruce McCorrys -  
 written by: Master McCorry
The age before 6 years is one of the most formative ages in a child’s growth. The physical and mental health of a child is in a foundational phase during this time. Studies have proven that giving a positive outward influence during this time can actually mold your child in positive ways.
Is there a specific method through which a child’s personality can be
shaped in this decisive phase? Martial Arts is one such method.

How can a child be influenced in Preschool Age?
The following aspects of a child’s personality can be positively shaped during this age: - Motor Skills: walking and running without falling down, hand-eye coordination, balancing themselves, calculating distance and depth - Communication Skills: talking in complete sentences, replying logically to conversations, producing grammatical sentences - Social Skills: shedding inhibition, initiating talking, making friends, belonging to groups, settling disputes and fights by themselves - Cognitive Skills: thinking about daily happenings, thinking in a logical way, forming lasting memories - Physical Srength: the physical condition in the preschool age affects a person very much. Kids who get obese at this age tend to be obese later in life. They may develop lifestyle diseases. Skinny and unhealthy kids too may have problems. Hence maintaining physical health during preschool age is very important.

How does martial art help preschoolers?
Practicing simple martial arts during the preschool age can have a deep impact on your children. The child who practices martial arts at this age develops better coordination and distance-calculation abilities. Such kids will be more athletic and they will excel in sports. The martial arts class is a venue where a kid learns to interact with kids of their own age as well as adults. Therefore, such classes can improve a preschooler’s communicative and social skills. It will equip them for their school life. Practicing martial arts needs thinking logically, anticipating results and reacting quickly. Therefore, a kid’s cognitive skills can be enhanced through martial arts. Martial art learners become practically oriented and reasoning individuals. The greatest impact of all falls on the physical health. Martial Arts is like a lifelong alternative for workouts. Learning Martial Arts as a preschooler makes sure that your child will remain healthy, fit and immune. Little Ninjas Program at Bruce McCorry’s – the Ultimate Preschooler Martial Art Program When it comes to Preschooler Martial Arts Programs, the Little Ninjas Program at Bruce McCorry’s [Peabody, Massachusetts] stands apart. What makes this course unique?

The Little Ninjas program is specially designed for preschoolers – it aims
at improving their abilities without burdening them. At the Academy, classes for preschoolers are conducted giving primary importance to the safety of the children. At the same time, the overall development of your kid is a guarantee if you choose Bruce McCorry’s. The Little Ninjas program follows an eight-fold methodology that focuses on eight decisive facets of your kid’s personality: being focused, being disciplined, being fit, being controlled, balanced and coordinated, working as a team and using memory. A simple well-crafted syllabus and student-oriented teachers make the program special.

With a legacy of four decades, Bruce McCorry’s academy holds the number one position when it comes to preschooler martial arts. When you are
choosing for your children, choose the best!


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