Thursday, December 5, 2013

Martial Arts – A Holiday Solution

Staying Fit during the Holidays with Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts 
written by: Master McCorry

Workout during Holidays
Santa is coming to town and it is once again time for holidays, shopping,
celebration and fun. For many, holidays are an opportunity to take a break
from everything they have been doing for a year – be it work, school or
exercise. Holidays are a time when rules are relaxed.

Well, taking a break from your hectic schedule is fine, but what about
taking a break from your workout as well? Studies show that working out
regularly and then suddenly stopping it for a period – usually the holidays
– is unhealthy for your body. Such a pattern usually slows down your
metabolism. Every time you stop working out, chances of gaining weight are
higher. Every time you restart it, there are fewer chances of you losing
weight again.

Holidays are also a season when you relax your diet habits. Most of us
don’t mind eating richer and larger meals – after all, it’s the holidays!
This habit calls for the fact that you should give more attention to your
health during this time.

Martial Arts – A Holiday Solution?
If we face the facts, none of us are inclined to work out during holidays.
We are either too relaxed, or too busy thinking of shopping and planning,
that even thinking about exercising becomes difficult. But what if we opt
for something easier and fun? Martial arts can be a solution.
Even light martial arts like Karate, Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Taekwondo can be a powerful alternate for heavy exercise. Martial arts will help you to remain physically fit and strong. They will sooth your mind and rejuvenate it after a whole year of stressful working. Martial arts will recharge your body and mind alike so that you will be better prepared to face your work better when it comes to the end of the holidays. It will also make sure that your year-long workout plan doesn’t suffer a break in between. If you choose to learn martial arts with your friends or family, it can also be a fun pastime during the holidays. In fact, most of the people who start martial art practice during the holidays cannot resist continuing it even after their work and school has restarted. They maintain their martial arts practice, some as a hobby, some others as a refuge from their stressing work.

Bruce McCorry’s Academy – What makes it special
If you seek advice on the best martial art schools around, the name that
you will come across most often will be that of Bruce McCorry’s Academy of
Martial Arts. Established four decades ago in Peabody Massachusetts, Bruce
McCorry’s is renowned for the quality martial art programs that they
conduct. The academy runs courses in around ten different martial arts.
Each course is taught by teachers who are adepts in their respective areas.
The syllabus for each program is specially designed after taking into
consideration the individual needs of the learners. Most of the students
who learn at Bruce McCorry’s develop a lifelong passion for martial arts.
At Bruce McCorry’s you will get an opportunity to learn a refreshing new
course, make new friendships, and rejuvenate yourself during these
holidays. Make this break memorable by choosing Bruce McCorry’s and "KICK"
into the New Year by sticking with it.

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