Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cardio Kickboxing - Bruce McCorrys

Kick Your Way to Cutting Weight – Fitness Regime to Shed Fat through
written by: Sandra LaRosa

Until a few years ago, the name Kickboxing was not a very familiar one
among the health pundits. Thanks to the unbelievable weight loss
capabilities of this distinctive martial art, Kickboxing is the latest rage
among the fitness devotees. Kickboxing is a forceful but simple-to-learn
martial art. This art form is considered unique by health advocates and
martial art experts because it fusions three aspects: it is a powerful
workout, a healthy heart booster and a useful self-defense. If weight loss
and fitness is your ultimate aim, then it is time to kick-start a new life!
Melting Fat and Shedding Calories through Kickboxing The calorie-tracking site by the Harvard Medical School has some interesting data on the amazing fitness abilities of Kickboxing. According to their study, a person of 155 pounds body weight and normal health can shed up to 744 calories through an hour of kickboxing. The exceptionality of this becomes evident when we compare this to other workout methods:- · Walking – 245 calories per hour · Bicycling – 420 calories per hour · Jogging – 490 calories per hour This means that a mere 5 hours of Kickboxing can shed as much as one pound from your body. If you are choosing any of the other above-mentioned methods of weight loss, you will have to toil months in order to achieve this result. A Leaner You through Kickboxing: The Wonder Workout Regime However, Kickboxing can work wonders only if you stick to a proper regime. Here is the wonder-workout recipe than can make you leaner and fitter: · Kickboxing Practice + Nutritious Diet + Scientific Coaching In the initial phases of learning kickboxing, it is enough to practice for only an hour per week. The more you get acquainted with the workout; you can gradually increase your workout duration to 5 hours per week. At this rate, you shall be able to lose weight at the rate of 1 pound per week. You should pair this regular workout with a nutrient-rich diet that includes a lot of vegetables, fruits, fiber-rich food and proteins. Intense workout may cause fatigue, therefore, you may replenish your lost energy through drinking enough water and taking vitamin supplements if necessary. At any rate, you should watch your daily calorie consumption and ensure to keep it within your basil metabolic rate.
Kicking Your Way to Fitness through Bruce McCorry’s The third miracle element in your wonder workout is a proper and scientific martial arts coaching. Nowadays, you will rarely find a dedicated martial arts center that will value your health concerns above their profit. That is why the name of Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Center [Peabody, MA] stands out.
Bruce McCorry’s conducts classes in Cardio Kickboxing, the most effective variant of Kickboxing. Cardio Kickboxing has the double benefit of boosting your cardiac wellbeing and keeping your heart healthy besides helping you to lose weight. The head and heart of the Kickboxing program is Ms. Sandra LaRosa, who has an experience of 26 years in Kickboxing. Christine Arsenault is another veteran Kickboxing teacher at the academy. The kickboxing classes at the academy are specially designed for achieving fitness goals. No wonder, Bruce McCorry’s has risen to the position of the numero uno martial arts schools in the US. Make your weight loss dream come true through Kickboxing at Bruce McCorry’s!

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