Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Martial Arts for the Golden Age

Martial Arts for the Golden Age - Seniors Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry's 
written by: Master McCorry

Advertisements, movies and other manifestations of the pop culture have implanted in our minds the view that martial arts is for youngsters. However, 2010s is an age when the first ever health-conscious generation of our times is nearing the senior age. It is generally believed that the golden old age is not for martial arts and fitness. Is martial art a no-no for the seniors? Or is it that the seniors have a greater need of martial arts? Martial Arts in the Golden Age: Advantages and Necessities According to Dalhousie University, Halifax, the visible effects of ageing such as weak muscles, thin bones and joint aches appear in a person’s body from thirty years onward. Ironically, these are also the symptoms of a passive lifestyle. Therefore, an inactive lifestyle in the old age means that you are doubling the chances of health risk.
Among the different workouts, martial arts is considered the most special for the golden age. Why exactly are martial arts recommended to seniors? · Balance and coordination: After the age of sixty, health problems related to balance and coordination start upsetting you. Seniors face greater chances of tripping over and falling because their balance-coordination systems often fail them. The swift movements in martial arts can help you to retain your balance and coordination. · Core strength: Once near the senior age, a person naturally feels less strong. They may find it difficult to carry heavy weight, to climb stairs, to walk longer distances and to do exhausting physical activities. Martial arts can help you redeem the lost strength and rejuvenate yourself. · Self-confidence: A study conducted by the psychologist Dr Ulrich Orth points out that an erosion of self-esteem sets in at the time of retirement and continues during the old age. Loss of physical strength, retirement, separation from children, the feeling of being dependent can all be reasons for this. Martial arts can enhance your self esteem in the old age by exposing you to a world of activity and bustle. · Health and diseases: Behavioral risk factors like inactivity and junk food consumption have contributed to numerous lifestyle-linked diseases like diabetes, cholesterol, thyroid and consequent cardiac problems. Martial arts can effectively protect you from such diseases which can be deadly in the long run.
· Self-defense and safety: Martial arts can also be a useful weapon in a time of emergency. It is a practical self-defense method that won’t let you down when a crisis occurs. Martial Arts for Elders: The Golden Chance at Bruce McCorry’s Reliability and trust is a necessity for any coaching center, and that is why so many seniors love to choose Bruce McCorry’s Academy as their martial arts center. Dating back to 1978, the academy has brought happiness and health to the lives of numerous students. Though initially started as a small venture in Peabody, MA, the fame of the academy has now breached distances. Today, Bruce McCorry’s is the first choice when you think of martial arts in in Massachusetts.
All the adult programs of the academy are open to seniors. Private training is also available. You can choose from over ten different courses including Taekwondo, Tai Chi, Kung-Fu and Yoga. Seniors can get personalized programs aimed at improving their health and quality of life. Make your Golden Age the liveliest time of your life by enrolling at Bruce McCorry’s!


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