Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Martial Arts for Kids

Kids' Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry's Academy
written by Master McCorry

When you were children, you had your dreams, your wishes – some of them
came true, and some of them didn't. However, when it comes to your children, you want every single one of their dreams to be true. You want them to live their life to the fullest. And if you take a look at their dreams, often you will be surprised. Some want to become the hero on the television, some want to get a star for their school work, some want to be the best in their favorite sport and some just want to be cool. As a parent, how can you give wings to the dreams of your kids? The answer is Martial Arts.

Martial Arts for Kids: The Pathway to Success
Martial arts is often highlighted as a pathway to success and self-actualization. How can martial arts help your child to achieve success and happiness? Here are some important changes that can be brought to your child’s life by teaching him/her martial arts: 1. Confidence and Self-Esteem: Today’s world is competitive and unforgiving – and it treats those who are not sure of themselves mercilessly. Martial arts will help your children to believe in themselves and deal with the world confidently. 2. Self-defense: Martial arts will train your children in an effective way so that they can protect themselves if they have to face any danger. This is one of the greatest merits of martial arts.
3. Character development: The foundation of one’s character is laid in the childhood. Those who learn martial arts in their childhood will imbibe values such as obedience, respect, cooperation and empathy.

 4. Brain development: Martial arts can cultivate a number of abilities in
your child such as quick thinking, reasoning, spontaneous reaction and
memory power. 

5. Athletic skills: For success in sports, your child needs
physio-kinesthetic skills such as coordination, balance and quick movement.
Once he/she fosters these abilities through martial arts, they will be of
tremendous help in the sports field.

6. Health: Comfort-oriented lifestyle makes today’s children be victim to
many diseases. Obesity and Type 2 diabetes are among the most reported
childhood diseases. Martial arts can guarantee your children’s health by
providing them enough exercise.

Martial Arts Classes for Children at Bruce McCorry’s Academy
Once the amazing potential of martial arts was discovered, martial arts centers started flourishing like mushrooms. Only a few of them offer genuine and effective training in martial arts. That is why an academy like Bruce McCorry’s, with its four-decade-long legacy, deserves a special mention. Kids’ martial arts classes in Bruce McCorry’s are special due to many reasons: * The safety of the kids is given priority over everything else. Dangerous practice methods such as cage fighting are intentionally avoided.

* Customized classes to suit the need of each kid, without burdening them
* Well-crafted programs and effective training

* Special focus on character building

* Activities to enliven the martial arts sessions

* Transport facility for kids’ programs like After School Martial Arts

* Experienced teachers and expert supervision

For the past forty years, Bruce McCorry’s academy has been imparting the precious knowledge of martial arts to hundreds of students. Within the last few years, this time-honored martial arts center in Peabody (Massachusetts) has become one of the most coveted martial arts institutions in the United States. Make your child’s dream come true by choosing Bruce McCorry’s classes…

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