Friday, February 21, 2014

Little Ninja's Martial Arts Program

Bruce McCorry's Little Ninja's Martial Arts Program
written by: Master McCorry

When your child comes to you and shares his/her ambitions and wishes, it
is your responsibility as a parent to help them realize their dreams. Most
parents provide kids with everything they want – food, money, comfort and
much more. In spite of all that, why do some children rise above others in
the course of life, and some fall behind? Why is it that even kids who are
naturally blessed with health, intelligence and inborn talent fail to do
well in life? As parents, is there something you can do to lead your child
through the right way?

Martial Arts at the Right Age If you want your children to lead a virtuous, positive and contented life, you should start molding their character at the right age. One way by which you can do this is by introducing martial arts to their life. Martial arts can virtually transform your kid’s life. Studies show that the right age to start martial arts training is 3-4. The preschooler age is considered to be the right time because much change can be brought to your kid’s life at this age. Preschooler Martial Arts: The Benefits and Advantages Proper martial arts training at the preschooler age can redefine your child’s personality. 

Martial arts make this possible through the following ways:
* Martial arts evens out a person’s health. Those who suffer from obesity can shed excess fat and tone their body through martial arts. Similarly, frail and weak children can gain body mass and physical strength. Through martial arts, your child can overcome problems such as tiredness and childhood lifestyle diseases.
* During 3 to 4 years, your child’s sensory and motor-kinesthetic skills are in a formative stage. During this age, they start understanding and processing sensory information, mastering language and gaining motor-kinesthetic balance. Martial arts will help kids to be accurate and precise in each of these. * Martial arts foster many values as well. The etiquette and philosophy of these art forms can constitute values like obedience, co-operation, tolerance and discipline. If these values are fostered in the preschooler age, they will remain with your kids for the rest of their lives. * Social behavior can be motivated through martial arts. At the age of 3, your child starts discovering societies outside home such as school and friends. Martial arts will teach them the worth of friendship and communication. Young martial arts learners have less chances of developing social awkwardness in later life.
Choosing the Best Martial Arts Instruction At the age of 3-4, your child’s character is tender so that it could be cast to any form. It is your responsibility as a parent to choose a good institution for them so that they get instructed by safe hands. Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy in Peabody MA pulls enthusiasts from all surrounding towns on the North Shore. It's one such organization which aims at a child’s holistic development right from the preschool age. This notion has led the academy to devise a special program for the preschoolers, The Little Ninjas. This course springs from the thought that preschooler martial arts is a field that needs special recognition and special priorities. Some of the highlights of this program are instruction by deft teachers, fun-oriented activities, safety measures and a homely atmosphere. As a parent, you are the one who has the power to choose whether your child leads a successful life or not. Make the best choice for your preschooler and enroll him/her at Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy…

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