Tuesday, February 25, 2014

History of Karate

The History and Benefits of Karate 
written by: Master McCorry

Once you take the big decision to start learning a martial art, the next
big question is the choice. To choose a martial art that suits your needs, you should know about the benefits and specialties of different martial arts. According to the Top Ten list by listverse.com, the most popular international martial art is Karate. What makes Karate a unique martial art? The simplicity and effectiveness of its methods and the amazing physical and mental benefits are two obvious reasons. By and large, Karate is one of the most popular and widely practiced international martial arts.

A Peek into the History of Karate
Ryukyu Islands in Japan’s Okinawa province is considered the birthplace of Karate. When the aboriginal Japanese martial arts got influenced by the incoming influence of Chinese arts, a new martial art was born – this was Karate. Once Ryukyu started trade and cultural relations with the Mainland Japan, Karate crossed the ocean and became popular in Japan. This happened somewhere around the early 20th century. After the Taisho Era, systematic Karate classes developed in Japan. By 1930s, Japanese universities started giving recognition to Karate. 1960s and 70s saw the birth of martial arts movies. Karate was a genre which reaped the maximum benefit from these movies. It won worldwide appreciation, and dedicated minds started Karate schools in different parts of the world. According to the World Karate Federation, Karate has around 100 million learners all over the world, which makes it a lucrative and popular sport.

Karate: The Benefits and Advantages
After all, what is that element which attracts so many aspiring minds to Karate? A look at the benefits of Karate will answer this question. 
To point out some benefits,

* Karate sharpens your coordination, balance and reflexes
* It boosts your metabolism and physical activities
* It makes your body strong, energetic and refreshed
* Karate can make you flexible and toned 
* It augments your overall health, especially cardiovascular health
* Through Karate, you can defend yourself
* Karate enhances your focus and attention skills
* Karate learners experience less stress
* It builds self-confidence and increases self-worth
* Karate fosters positive attitude toward life
* It motivates consideration, respect and cooperation

Karate: A Martial Art for All Ages
The points above indicate that Karate is an accommodative art; an art for
all ages. Kids and school-going students can develop their concentration,
memory and cooperation skills through Karate. It will also make them
athletic and physically strong. Karate will help adults to combat work
stress. Adults can achieve goals like weight-loss and toned body through
Karate. Karate learners live lives without health risk. In the case of
seniors, Karate can boost their self-esteem. It will bring color to the old
age through friendships and socializing.

Karate at Bruce McCorry’s Academy
There is something as important as your martial art choice: the place where you choose to learn it. Established in 1978 as a small martial arts center in Peabody (MA), Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Acadely has grown into one of the top-ranked institutions in the US. Karate classes in the academy are exceptional because they offer a well-crafted syllabus and professional training. To realize your Karate goals, embrace the passion of Karate at Bruce McCorry’s!

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