Friday, February 28, 2014

The Advantages of Kickboxing

Kickboxing  - History and Benefits 
written by: Sandra LaRosa

Another winter is about to pass by, and spring is around the corner,
promising us new beginnings and new hopes. Winter is a time when your weighing scale touches the highest and your weight loss goals, the lowest. Many factors contribute to the winter weight gain – relaxing your diet during the holidays, abstaining from your daily gym session due to cold temps, room heating that prevents your body from burning calories and keeping warm, darker days that affect your circadian rhythm and much more. Now that spring is coming, it is time to pull up your socks and get back to your workout – time to shed those extra pounds you picked up this winter. Well, why not try something innovative this spring – like Kickboxing? The Definition and History of Kickboxing The roots of Kickboxing can be traced to Muay Thai, a Thailand-based martial art developed by soldiers of Siam as a warrior style. When Chulalongkorn became the King of Thailand in 1868, a peaceful era was born, which was conducive for the growth of this art. It expanded to the realms of workout, entertainment, defense and sports. Its initial name was Muay Boran. By 1920s, the name Muay Thai gained prominence. Years later, this art came to be noticed by Osamu Noguchi, an ardent martial art promoter. He wanted to refine the existing Karate style. With the help of Kenji Kurosaki, Noguchi merged the elements of Muay Thai with Karate to give birth to a brand new martial art. Thus the year 1966 saw the birth of Kickboxing. Soon the Kickboxing Association was founded with Japan as its headquarters, which paved the way for the worldwide recognition of Kickboxing.
As the name suggests, Kickboxing lays emphasis on kicking, striking and
punching moves. It also emphasizes defending and evading moves. Kickboxing has many subgenres, of which Cardio Kickboxing has gained much popularity. The health benefit, especially its ability to boost cardiac health, is what makes this style special. American Kickboxing, K-1, Shoot Boxing and Savate are other popular styles.

The Advantages of Kickboxing The benefits of Kickboxing are many. The top 5 benefits are:

1. Correcting the Body Posture: Long hours before your computer and
laptop, especially in wrong postures, ruin your muscle strength. Kickboxing
will help you to correct your posture and strengthen the weak muscles in
your body.

2. The Perfect Cardiac Workout: No other workout or martial art can boost
the health of your heart as Kickboxing does.

3. Focus and Reflexes: Kickboxing sharpens your reflexes, quickens your
mental calculations. This means better focus, coordination and

4. The Ultimate Stress-Buster: Kickboxing is one of the best ways to
reduce stress and relax.

5. Mass-shedding of Calories: Kickboxing is regarded as a workout that can
burn large amount of calories within the shortest time possible.
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