Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Kung Fu Classes

Important Reasons to Learn Kung Fu 
written by: Master McCorry
Kung Fu is a powerful martial art that usually follows the pattern of an
unarmed fighting style. Though it was initially developed as a self-defense
technique, gradually it became popular all over the world as a
multi-purpose martial art. The number of people who aspire to learn Kung Fu
is on the rise. If you want to check out Kung Fu for yourself, it would be
useful to know the top reasons why learning Kung Fu is important. 
Kung Fu - An Efficient Workout
Kung Fu was developed as a self-defense and fighting method. During the
ancient times, in order to become a good warrior, it was necessary to have
a fit and strong body. As a result, Kung Fu incorporated many moves and
strikes which were intended to tone the body. These moves were further
modified and refined when Kung Fu became a world-renowned martial art. This
places Kung Fu in the list of the top workout-cum-martial arts.

Kung Fu: The Self Defense Technique
Nowadays, self defense is a much sought-after skill. Kung Fu relies on
practicality than on theoretical aspects. When you learn Kung Fu, it is not
mere moves that you learn – instead, you develop a number of qualities that
will aid you in self defense. Alertness, quick calculation, instant
reaction, physical strength and coordination are some such virtues. 

Healthier Life through Kung Fu
Every martial art can enhance your health. However, Kung Fu is special in
the sense that it can improve your health in a holistic manner. Kung Fu
training makes you healthier through different ways:
* By checking lifestyle diseases
* By improving immunity
* By enhancing physical strength and stamina
* By boosting your metabolism 

Kung Fu can make a huge difference to the health of both adults and
The Emotional Benefits of Kung Fu
Complementary to your physical health, you have the emotional benefits of learning Kung Fu. A martial art like Kung Fu can make you confident, self-respecting and happy. It will come handy in controlling anger, preventing mood swings, reducing stress, managing time, and thinking rationally. The emotional benefits of Kung Fu make it one of the most advantageous martial art to learn. The Artistic Side of Kung Fu Though Kung Fu is a practical martial art, there are many aspects which make it artistic and beautiful. It is an art with elegance of moves and gravity of philosophy. Kung Fu is the inheritor of a forty-centuries-old philosophic tradition. Through learning Kung Fu, you will develop an insight and philosophy of life, which will bring out the positive side in you.
Excellent Kung Fu Classes at Bruce McCorry’s Academy
When you learn a martial art, you should learn it under the most experienced teachers. That is why Kung Fu at Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Center (Peabody, Massachusetts) is unique. Kung Fu classes here are headed by Master Bruce McCorry who has been a Kung Fu instructor since 1978. He specializes in Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu which is the style that attracts the most number of learners. Kung Fu is a martial art with a legacy of 4000 years, and only a dedicated martial art institution can do justice to this revered art. To experience Kung Fu classes with a difference, come to Bruce McCorry’s Academy…

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