Friday, March 7, 2014

Martial Artist - Tips to get Better

Top Eight Ways to Become a Better Martial Artist 
written by: Master McCorry

Once you decide that your path is martial arts, you should try to excel in
your art as much as possible. Anybody with leisure time can learn a martial art, but only very few can claim that s/he is a good martial artist. A good martial artist is an embodiment of many virtues that will help him/her to excel in both profession and life. Here are some effective ways to become a good martial artist. Top 8 Tips to become a Good Martial Artist 1. Daily Practice: Many martial art centers follow the schedule of practicing one or two hours once in a week. Instead of such a schedule, you can choose to practice at least 15 minutes every day. A daily schedule will prove more effective. 2. Visualization: Visualization is the process of going through your practice moves within your mind when you are not actually practicing. This will help you to improve your martial art skills and execute the moves better in actual practice. 3. Feedback: Feedback has a great role in improving your performance. If you are studying under a martial arts center, you can seek feedback from your co-learners or teachers. You can also record your practice and review it in order to find out errors and rectify them. 4. Practice Aids: If you are trying to learn martial arts on your own, you should get some practice aids that will offer a coherent view of your art. Many practice aids such as videotapes, CDs, podcasts, books and e-books are available on the market. You can find many resources on the internet as well. 5. Dedication and Hard Work: Dedication and hard work are two important elements that will make you a good martial artist. Make martial arts a long-term passion and do not break it in between. Be honest to your art and focus on its artistic value beyond your other goals such as weight loss and fitness. Respecting your art is the first step to success. 6. Taking Care of Your Body: Martial arts should not exhaust your body by overburdening it. Fitness lovers often fall prey to this error. The more you work with your body, the more you should take care of it. Replenish your body with a lot of water and nutritious food. Health and stamina are two qualities that mark an efficient martial artist. 7. Feed your Mind: A martial art is a vision. To grasp it with all its intensity, you need to equip your mind. You may read about the underlying philosophy and tradition of your art. You may learn to relax and look at life with a positive attitude. Convincing yourself of your martial art goals is the only way through which you can attain glory and success in martial arts. 8. A Good Center: The instruction that you receive makes a great difference on the kind of martial artist that you are. Self-learners often fall behind those who get professional instruction, though there are some exceptional martial artists who can call themselves self-made men. A productive campus atmosphere, the presence of co-learners, a good curriculum and an adept master can make a sea change to your pursuit. If you consider each of the above fields, you can see that Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy (Peabody, MA) ranks among the top. Established in 1978, the past 35 years of service makes it one of the most reliable and stable martial art institutions in US.

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