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Tai Chi - For the Mind & Body

Tai Chi - Improving the Mind and Body
written by: Master McCorry

Tai Chi is a gentle form of martial arts; Tai chi chuan, or Tai Chi is translated to mean "internal martial arts" and "Supreme Ultimate Fist" and sometimes called "Taiji" or "Taijiquan". The Yin and Yang (dynamic duality) and Qi (life force) concepts were also incorporated within it, therefore practicing this ancient form of martial arts will support a well balanced
yin and yang, which aids in the flow of Qi.
Tai Chi is popular around the world because of it’s calm style, power, and its delicate mystifying nature appeals to everyone. Some people believe that by practicing Tai Chi, it will make them strong, alert and dexterity, while some, it gives them power and courage to defend themselves against bigger opponents. Some people like Tai Chi because of the health benefits and they even believe that it makes them formidable. 
Tai Chi involves the strengthening of the mind, body and spirit and is often called "meditation in motion". The movement of the body, gently and slowly, rhythmically, focusing the mind on deep breathing during the movements, is really calming and meditative. It can be considered a low
intensive exercise. You go through a series of movements while breathing deeply and naturally. You must focus your attention on both the movements and your breath, sometimes tapping into further levels than your normal sensations within your body caused by these movements. 
Tai Chi is different from others because its movements are circular and naturally performed, there is no force of movement, your muscles are always relaxed and never tensed. It’s a natural flowing of your body and mind. The movements must be performed precisely. After repeated practice you will begin to learn more about your body’s balance, posture, motor controls,
and rhythm. In addition, Tai Chi’s pensive nature is both calming and relaxing.

Over the years, many different Tai Chi styles have come about but mainly all involves slow, gentle, graceful movements, each flowing into the next. The body must be in a constant movement. Individuals must concentrate, by putting aside all distractions while breathing deeply in a focused and directed manner. 

Tai Chi was developed as a martial art and a means of self-defense in ancient China. It is alleged that the Taoist Monks developed its thirteen exercises to imitate animal movements and integrated meditation and the idea of an internal force within the art. 
Health benefits
Many people practice Tai Chi to improve their health and well-being. General benefits include:
1. Increases of vitality and energy 
2. Improvement of the body’s immunity against infection
3. improved flexibility and strength
4. Form of stress relief
5. Form of pain relief 
6. Strengthens bones 
7. Improves the digestive system 
8. Improves blood circulation 
9. Balances the endocrine system 
10.Regulates our central nervous system 
Much research has been published that links Tai Chi with helping chronic disease and conditions. Most commonly are:
1. Arthritis
2. Low bone density
3. Breast cancer
4. Heart disease 
5. Hypertension
6. Parkinson's disease 
7. Sleep problems 
8. Stroke 
9. Respiratory disorders
10. Diabetes 
Practicing Tai Chi not only improves your health and well being but also calms your mind and body. 

Since 1978, Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts (Peabody MA) has been teaching Tai Chi classes. The classes are specially designed and tailored to each and every students needs. At Bruce McCorry's, hundreds of students join the academy every season. We are constantly hearing how Tai Chi has changed their lives for the better.  At Bruce McCorry's, we offer a free introductory class so why not give it a try? We are proud to be ambassadors for this beautiful art. 

Come join us today and let Tai Chi open new doors into improved health and well-being.


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