Friday, March 14, 2014

Martial Arts - Importance Of Commitment

Importance Of Commitment In Martial Arts and How Fear of Commitment Can
Effect You As A Martial Artist 
Written by: Master McCorry

Martial arts is a sport activity that is gaining popularity in today’s
world due to the many health benefits this sport offers. Both children and adults are enrolling in different martial art centers and academies just to learn this amazing sport. Most people join martial art classes with the aim of learning self defense techniques while others go for its physical and health benefits. Some of the known health benefits of this sport include; · Improved coordination · Improved metabolism · Improved eye site · Increased energy levels · Enhanced focus and concentration · Improved body posture · Improved blood circulation · Enhances bone health and development · Improved immunity
However, anybody can learn martial arts but very few people can claim to know and understand what martial arts is all about. This is due to the fact that in order for you to be good in martial arts you must have a number of virtues. One of the most important virtues is commitment. Martial arts and fear of commitment will never go together. For you to be a better martial artist you must be committed to the sport. The following are reasons why commitment is essential to learning and mastering martial arts; Builds and Boosts Passion Having a passion for something means you enjoy doing that particular thing no matter the time of the day. Therefore, being committed to learning martial arts will cultivate passion within you and this passion will enable you to learn more and more techniques with ease and fast. It will act as a motivator. 

 Enables You to Work Harder 

Commitment in whatever you do encourages you to work hard and achieve
goals. Therefore, this means that for you to make tremendous strides in
becoming a better martial artist, you must be committed to what you learn
each and every day. With commitment you will also find time to practice the
new moves as well as the old moves you learned at the academy on your own.
Remember, practice makes perfect and it is very important to practice
regularly in order to perfect the moves you learn.

Drives Results 

Commitment is what drives you to do something. And, if you are committed
to doing something, you will do it to the best of your ability. Martial
arts is a sport or an activity that demands commitment and motivation.
Without commitment training and practice, it will be a problem for you.
Being committed will enable you to train on a daily basis and this will
lead to results. After a few days of training coupled with practice, you
will be able to do amazing moves on your own. Therefore, commitment drives
results and makes you achieve your goals.

In summary, for you to be good in whatever form of martial arts, it is
important to ensure that you eliminate the fear of commitment first. You must be committed to what you learn and practice it. It is important at this point to emphasize that martial arts is not just a sport but, a discipline that calls for commitment, discipline, concentration, consistency and hard work to perfect. Ready to let go of your fears and become that true, dedicated martial artist that resides inside you? Then contact us Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts located in Peabody MA.

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