Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Negative Effects of Video Games

The Negative Effects of Video Games And The Positive Benefits Of Martial
Arts And Exercise For Kids 
Written by: Master Sandra Larosa

We all love our children and we would love to give them the best they can
get. It is because of this notion that most parents spend their money on buying their children the latest gadgets in the market. Since kids love playing, most parents have invested in purchasing the best video games and computer games for them so they can enjoy themselves at home. However, as much as kids enjoy the fun and thrill that comes with playing video games, they are faced with the harmful effects of playing video games. Therefore, instead of you as a parent investing in video games that are physically unhealthy, encourage your child to join a martial art academy and let them enjoy the benefits of training and practicing martial arts. The following are some of the negative effects of this video nation we live in;
Causes Impulsive Behavior in Children According to a study that was published in the Journal of Physical and Popular Media Culture February 2012 issue, kids who spend most of their time playing video games may show signs of impulsive behavior and also have attention issues. For example, the kid may have difficulties in maintaining a certain character that will enable him to reach a specific goal. Additionally, they also have attention problems as they grow up. Increased Depression and Anxiety in Kids According to a study conducted by the National Institute for Media and Family based in Minneapolis, video games tend to be addictive in children. This addiction leads to an increase in anxiety and later depression. Most children who are addicted to video games have problems at school and class work.

Leads to Health Problems
Video games are usually played when seated. Most kids spend most of their time playing these games while seated. This may lead to health issues like obesity, skeletal disorders for example tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, postural disorders, video-induced seizures and muscular problems. From the above side effects of playing video games among children, it's a great time to consider encouraging your child to join martial arts and other physical activities that can benefit him or her. The following are some of the many benefits of martial arts for kids;

 Fosters Self Discipline Among Kids 

For you to learn, understand and become a good martial artist, you must
have self discipline. The best way to raise a disciplined child is to
enroll them into a martial arts school. Here, he or she will learn what
self discipline is all about and the benefits of self restraint. 

Development of Socialization Skills 

Unlike video games whereby a child is confined to the environs of the
house or living room all alone, martial arts allows kids to interact freely
as they practice. This helps them to make new friends, meet new peers and
be social in general. 

They Learn to Set and Achieve Goals

Almost all forms of martial arts are based on achieving goals and making
achievements. These goals are accomplished through a system of belts one
wears after accomplishing a certain degree of skill or technique. This
system develops a desire to achieve something out of the training your
child gets. This can also be applied in real life and your child will
always set targets and goals in life and achieve them. As a martial arts
motivation practice for kids, give your kids simple physical assignments
and congratulate them when one accomplishes the task given.

 Improves other Aspects of Life

Martial arts do not only benefit the physical aspects of life but it also
benefits other areas for example, it boosts the confidence of your child,
improves cooperation skills and also helps your child navigate the social
and academic aspects of life and school, respectfully. This will immensely
help your child as he or she develops into an adult.  

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