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Down's Syndrome and Martial Arts

Down's Syndrome and Martial Arts at the Bruce McCorry Martial Arts Academy
Written by: Master McCorry

Down's Syndrome also referred to as Trisomy 21, is a genetic disorder that
causes lifelong physical development delays, mental or intellectual disability and characteristic facial features. It is one of the most common genetic causes of learning disabilities among children. To show how serious this disorder affects children, the 21st of March has been set aside as the World Down’s Syndrome Day. Despite of this disorder being a physical disorder, Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy has been on the forefront to train children with this condition since 1978. And most of these children have exhibited better martial arts techniques just like their normal counterparts. 

The following are some of the many benefits of martial arts
to children;

Improves coordination
It is a known fact that exercises are good for your body, mind and general
body health. But, martial arts is not just like any other exercise or
sport. It has improving effects on your body and mind. Most people think
that martial arts is all about kicking and throwing punches here and there.
This form of exercise is immensely focused on developing the internal
organs as well as your outlook. Children suffering from Down's Syndrome can
benefit from learning martial arts as it helps them in development as well
as coordination. 

Boosts your mental power 

What makes martial arts unique from other sports or exercises is its
ability to develop your brain power. Martial arts requires concentration
and focus. For example, Tai Chi, a form of martial arts that dwells so much
on brain power, concentration and focus. This will enable your child to
develop powerful mental ability that can help him or her manage class work
with ease. Therefore, this means that if your child has a mental
disability, martial arts can help him or her after a few days of practice. 

Enhances organizational ability 

Martial arts instills discipline in both children and adults. Discipline
in this case involves personal discipline, organizational discipline, as
well as interpersonal discipline. You will learn how to be organized and
the benefits of being organized at all times. Without organizational
discipline you will not be able to perform certain tasks in life.
Therefore, let your children learn how to be organized early in life as it
will help them in their future lives. 

Flexibility and stability 

We all know that Down’s Syndrome affects the physical well being of
children. Children affected by this disorder have a major problem when it
comes to stability and general flexibility. But, martial arts helps such
children with the ability to understand their body and also gives them
flexibility as well as stability. Although it will take time to train such
kids to be completely flexible, Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy can
make this possible in a few days time.

In summary, if your child suffers from Down’s Syndrome, it does not mean
that he or she cannot do certain tasks. Simply enroll that child at the
Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy (Peabody Ma) and see how the Down’s Syndrome and Martial Arts can be blended to the child’s advantage.  Each individual is
different and requires variations of the program. So, why not give it a try. Sign up for a free introductory class to see if it's a fit and explore the great benefits and pleasures of martial arts. 

Contact Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts by visiting or by calling (978) 535-7878.

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