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7 Reasons Why Kids Should Practice Martial Arts

7 Reasons Why Kids Should Practice Martial Arts 
written by:  Master McCorry
Kids are fast learners and they can learn almost anything they are taught.
Martial arts is a lifestyle, something you learn and as you progress it
becomes part and parcel of your day to day life. It is because of the many
advantages of martial arts for kids that as parents, you are advised to
encourage your child to learn martial arts. Martial arts have the ability
to teach kids vital life lessons whether your kid is shy, hyper or too
bossy. The following are 7 reasons why kids should practice martial arts. 

1. Kids will get more active

Martial arts is an active sport. In today’s day and age, technology has
made us; both children and adults, inactive, lazy and increasingly unfit.
This, coupled with eating junk food leads to obesity and other health
problems in our kids. Youth sports, activities and physical education
programs are generally great; unfortunately not every kid can be an
athlete. Additionally, Physical education is no longer offered in schools
as it was in the past, making it even harder for the kids to become
physically fit. Martial arts offers many benefits but, for you to become a
true martial artist you must be an extremely fit person.

2. They will learn to find stillness and focus
The internet offers tremendous benefits but there are more benefits in stillness and silence. However, with today’s lifestyle it is hard to find stillness and silence. Silence and stillness gives you the power to observe your inner self. It is through silence, quietness and stillness that an individual can check his or her strengths and weaknesses and find a way out. Just as Bruce Lee stated behind the punches, kicks and knees, a true martial artist learns to sit with himself and see where his or her weaknesses are.
3. They learn to take hits With martial arts, your child will learn what it takes and how it feels to take a hit. It might be a punch, a kick or a disappointment like failing an exam or a test. These are part of life and how you get yourself up is what matters. Your child will learn when to hit, how to hit and how to absorb and contain a hit as a way to gain better skills.
4. Kids will gain self confidence and self respect Martial arts for kids builds confidence and self respect among kids. When training martial arts, your kid will be faced with a number of challenges including sparring with kids older, stronger and more skilled than him or her. A good martial arts school or academy like the Bruce McCorry’s martial arts academy will teach your child respect, how to respect others, and taught how to handle tough situations such as bullying. 5. They will connect their mind and body In order for you to connect the mind and the body, you must listen to your inner body. In doing so, you will be able to see your thoughts and have a finely tuned awareness of your emotional part. A martial art discipline like Tai Chi has the ability to make you see, feel and listen to both your internal and external build up. 6. Kids will learn conflict resolution strategies One of the most important things kids or anyone taking martial art lessons is to respond without reacting to a situation. With this at the back of your child’s brain, he or she can use the techniques and skills learned at a martial arts school to resolve conflicts instead of starting a conflict.
7. They will learn how to breathe Each and every professional athlete, singer, dancer, actor, bodybuilder or martial artist knows and understands the importance of breathing. In martial arts your child will be taught how to effectively control his or her breath during fights or, any other physical pressure and know how to relax when under pressure.

In conclusion, any child irrespective of his or her physical abilities can
immensely benefit from participating in martial arts for kids. The earlier they learn the basics of martial arts the better and healthier they will be.  

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