Thursday, April 24, 2014

Martial Arts the Best Way to Get Fit

Why Martial Arts Training is Better Than Your Typical Gym Workout 
written by: Master McCorry
More and more people both adults and children are seeing martial arts as
the best way to get fit. Some bodybuilders also see the need to indulge
into martial arts training as a way to become more physically fit than
before. This move by a number of people including bodybuilders to martial
arts raises one but very important question; is martial arts training
better than a typical gym workout? In order to answer this question
appropriately, it is important to check the benefits of martial arts
workouts over a typical gym workout as can be seen below;

Martial Arts Workouts Trains The Brain
Each and every person who has ever studied martial arts understands and knows that not only is your body trained but, your brain also gets a workout as well. When learning martial arts, you must learn how to correctly apply the techniques you learn and also make quick decisions. These techniques include endurance, developing mobility, self defense and tenacity. But, gym workouts only dwell on muscle development, strength and endurance stability. This therefore means that martial arts workouts are better than gym workouts.
Courage and Confidence Both gym workouts and martial arts workouts teaches a variety of activities. But, the basic knowledge of martial arts as well as self defense gives you courage and confidence when it comes to dealing with the outside world. With martial arts knowledge you can easily defend yourself when faced with a group of two or three people even if they are armed. Unfortunately, gym workouts only give you the strength and ability to deal with a single individual and at times you may lack the confidence to defend yourself. Weight Loss Among all exercises including all gym workouts, martial arts is recognized as the best and the fastest way to lose weight. Coupled with a proper controlled diet, martial arts workouts have the ability to make you lose weight very fast. Most gym workouts dwell so much on weight training which in turn increases your metabolism forcing you to eat large amounts of foods to maintain the energy demand of the body. This will instead lead to increase body mass and weight. Agility, Speed and Endurance Most martial arts workouts enhance flexibility, agility and endurance. With martial arts knowledge you can react quickly to keep an enemy or an opponent at bay. This is one of the major benefits of martial arts. A typical gym workout does not incorporate these important factors. Additionally, martial art training helps in building a very strong core. You will have a better body shape and your health will improve significantly. 

In summary, the benefits of martial arts workouts are more than just
physical. Martial arts training involves different techniques that are very
important when learned and mastered. Proper execution of the moves requires
discipline and hard work. Therefore, if you were thinking of joining the
gym, think again. Joining a martial arts class or academy has more benefits
than joining a gym. Look to Bruce McCorry Martial Arts Academy (Peabody MA)
for the best martial arts academy in the area and make the benefit from the
many programs and techniques offered.

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