Thursday, May 1, 2014

After School Martial Arts Program

Now Enrolling for September: The Martial Arts After School Program
brought to you by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy 
Today, a typical child’s day is characterized by hours of class work and spending additional hours in a daycare waiting for his or her parents to come and pick him or her up after work. It is because of this type of lifestyle that the Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy started the martial arts after school program (AMP) for the kids to have something new, productive and fun to learn after school. This program has proved to be a success and very beneficial for years now and both the parents as well as the kids who have enrolled in this program enjoy being part of it. So instead of taking your child to a daycare or taking he or she to stare at the TV or play video games after school, simply enroll them into the popular Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy After School Program. It is important to point out that we are now enrolling for September and registrations are limited. Therefore, you are urged to act now and register your child for the program today.

Importance of the Martial Arts After School Program 

The program adds a number of benefits to the kids, especially after school. The following are some of the important benefits of the martial arts after school program. 

Instills Important Life Values 

The most important values in life are best taught when someone is young. And, in doing so, your children will grow knowing what is expected of him or her in life. Martial arts helps in teaching kids self-discipline, self-confidence, leadership quality and respect. These are very important values needed in life as a whole. 

Helps in Relaxing the Mind and Body 

Just like adults, kids also get bored and stressed as a result of too much concentration and competition at school. Therefore, by engaging in martial arts, they get an opportunity to release the tension and stress caused by class work. It is essential to emphasize that kids also face pressure from fellow classmate during school examinations and sport competitions and if this is not managed it can lead to problems in the future. But with martial arts all the pressure, tension and stress can be eliminated. 

Enhances Memory Any physical activity that your child engages in helps them to grow physically, mentally and emotionally. But, martial art is not like any other physical activity or exercise. It nourishes and sharpens your child’s reasoning as well as memory capacity. Through martial arts your child will be able to reason on their own, deal with situations as expected of them and even make life saving decisions. Secures the Safety and Protection of Your Children Safety of your child is an important reason why an after school program is essential. Crimes after school have increased according to the data collected by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. It's mostly by juvenile crimes and violence against children. The kids and teens involved are those kids who don’t have a secure place to spend their after school hours. A trustworthy after school program such as the Bruce McCorry Martial Arts Program can
prevent your kid from taking the wrong path and the program locks in your child's safety and protection.

Bruce McCorry’s Academy After School Martial Arts Program (AMP) Since 1978
AMP at Bruce McCorry’s is a martial arts course with international standard, the best of its kind. The syllabus is a well-structured module enriched with great visionaries of martial arts. The AMP at Bruce McCorry’s is a precious opportunity for your kid to achieve the glory of a martial art black belt in his/her life. Safety and security of the students are always the primary concern at Bruce McCorry’s. Your kid gets the chance to meet and develop bonds with many respected martial arts professionals. At a small fee, you can also get safe transport from your kid’s day school to the Bruce McCorry’s campus.
In conclusion, since 1978, Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy is arguably the most experienced and popular martial arts academy in the area that offers an internationally acclaimed after school program. The martial arts after school program is specifically designed by martial art experts and professionals to ensure that each and every child benefits from the program. Therefore, if you want your child to spend his or her after school time more productively and in a healthy, safe environment, enroll them today for the September Martial Arts After School Program that is currently ongoing at the Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy. Give a new dimension to the lives of your kids by enrolling them at Bruce McCorry’s After School Program which begins this September!  
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