Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Overcoming Laziness through Martial Arts

Overcoming Laziness through Martial Arts 
written by: Master McCorry
Laziness is a factor that prevents half the people from achieving success
and pursuing goals in their lives. By nature, humans aspire to reach goals and make something out of their lives. Then why is it that we become addicted to laziness and let it get the better of us? How can we avert the dangers of laziness and get motivated? The Major Causes of Laziness Psychologists study laziness under the concept of motivation. They have tried to explain the phenomenon by providing various explanations and reasons:
Tiredness and fatigue – you feel lazy to embark on a new task when you are
physically and mentally tired. Preference of momentary comfort – many people feel unmotivated to attempt something because they prefer the momentary state of comfort than the state of working. Monotonous task – if the task at hand is monotonous and has been repeating so for a long time, after a while the initial interest subsides and you become unwilling to continue working. Lack of motivation – if you have no interest, aptitude or gain in a task to begin with, you may feel unwilling to pursue it Overcoming Laziness through Martial Arts If unchecked, laziness will grow into a demon which will hamper your progress in every walk of life. Lazy people postpone even the most important tasks. Even if they attempt something, they do so unwillingly. As a result, the finished work will lack perfection. Laziness will leave your ambitions unachieved and life, futile.
Several solutions for laziness have been put forward over years. Right

from coffee-drinking and medications, the list has reached up to counseling
and meditation in the 21st century. Recently, psychologists have added a
new solution to the list - something with unprecedented effect - martial

Can martial arts play a role in breaking out of laziness? In the opinion
of psychologists and doctors, martial arts can help to combat the absence
of motivation in the following ways:

If you practice martial arts regularly, the problem of fatigue will no more bother you. This is because martial arts can provide unlimited energy to your body and keep your mind fresh. The principles of martial arts will make you appreciate the value of a goal and the happiness of achieving it.
Naturally, you will not put aside a task just for the sake of momentary comfort. Martial arts will teach you innovation and perseverance. As a result, whichever monotonous task you have at hand, you will be able  to find something new in it. You will also be able to stick on to it without
feeling lazy. Martial arts will instill courage and self-awareness in you. You will be able to foresee which tasks will interest you and which will not. You will realize where your aptitude and productivity lies. Choosing productive works will help you to overcome laziness.
The Importance of Professional Coaching
Only proper coaching can help you overcome lack of motivation and
laziness. There are many institutions that provide martial arts coaching in
a professional manner. One of the best options is Bruce McCorry’s Academy
of Martial Arts in Peabody MA. Since 1978, Bruce McCorry’s has been in the
forefront of martial art education in the US, especially Massachusetts.
With several different programs to choose from, Bruce McCorry’s is an
institution that can guide you in your endeavor to overcome laziness
through martial arts. Give them a call today.  They offer a free, no
obligation class just waiting for you to explore. 978-535-7878

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